Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm baaaaaack

I know I've been MIA these past two days. Been busy with Tim & Faith's rehearsal and wedding back-to-back. It was a lovely ceremony and I just loved seeing Aaron all dressed up in a suit. ^_^ Damn sexy man I've got there. Damn sexy.

Today is probably my last really free, open day before things get really hectic. I start my stint as math tutor tomorrow, but since math is a passion for me (yes, I am that nerdy) I'm really looking forward to it. Tuesday I go down to get my food handler's card (finally found the info I needed for that, and not a moment too soon) so I can apply to the school. School system, actually, not sure if we pick a school or if they just assign one. If so, hopefully I get an elementary school. lol As excited as I am to once again be so close to having money, I'm still terrified of the whole thing. I'm sure once I get in and get into a rhythm I'll be okay, but right now I'm so close to just crawling back into my hole and waiting for everything to just blow over it's scary. Literally just like the first day of school, or rather the two or three days preceeding the first day. I'd get all scared all of a sudden that I'd forget my locker combination (which is why I switched to a key lock), that my teachers would hate me or I'd end up sitting next to some raving bitch of a person. I guess I should take comfort in the fact that all those years worked out pretty well, but it's hard, cuz it's different.

But I really do have something else to look forward to in the (really) long run. It was Aaron who brought it up to me. He was mentioning how his friend was taught Wicca by his grandmother and I mentioned how lucky he was for that. I think everyone who actually gets to be taught by a family member as they're growing up is very lucky. Then he said, "One day you'll be that for our family. You'll be the start of that line." That is such a heartwarming thought, I think I'm gonna cry. ^_^ Of course we've already decided that we're gonna give our kid(s) all the information and guidance that we can, but ultimately their spiritual path is their own decision. Whatever is fulfilling to them.

I guess I should wrap this up before I start getting too random. I'll keep y'all updated as best I can on the whole job thing. My dad's home for the week so comp time may be a little scarce.

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