Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bool! The End

Last night after dropping Aaron off in Heights, I was driving home and had the wierdest sensation. It was like all of a sudden, nothing was real. I mean, it was really there, but not really real. More like a model, like a train set. It wasn't even just that either. Older buildings I could see like doll houses. Empty, but intricately detailed on the inside. Newer and bigger buildings, 'sardine' neighborhoods especially, were something else. Like, blocks of wood shaped like houses, but dense and meaningless. Something bought from a surplus store rather than handcrafted. I've spoken out against overpopulation and these new housing developements quite openly. Overcrowding is one of the few things that really scares me. This, though, was different. Seeing things in this way . . . . . it was something screaming at me that what the hell, it's just not right. I kept driving and the feeling didn't quite leave me until I got home. A cliff face seemed out of place, because it so deeply reminded me of something I've seen far away from here. Neon signs glared like boils against the backdrop of my view. Madness. Utter, total and complete madness.

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