Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm Alive!!

Yes, I said "I'm". Thanks to everyone who was all concerned about me concidering all the flash floods and what-not here in Killeen. *listens for crickets* But yes, I'm alive and well. We got some pretty bad flooding, scary flooding, but we made it through. If ya wanna see the pics I took of our yard area, then you can check 'em out by clicking HERE . Kudos to my hubby who took a hammer to the cinderblocks under the shed (not load-bearing ones) to let the water out from under it so our crap didn't get wet. Kudos to me for not getting swept away in a street current since I kept having to go out in it.
My mom's surgery went well. She's progressing by leaps and bounds. I haven't uploaded the pics from that anywhere yet, but I do have some. No really gross ones with her filleted open, but one of her incision a day or so after.
Got two more crane prize pics uploaded to my album. Yes, I got two of those green horses with the bell in 'em. The second one came up with Dora when I was grabbing her. Totally inadvertant. I gave Dora to my niece. I actually got that one for her cuz her great-grandpa (on her fraternal side) hates Dora. On account of being Mexican (or whatever she is) and teaching kids Spanish. So, you know me, my own brand of sticking it to the establishment. *grins*
I just checked the walkthrough. I'm not too far behind on the neopets plot, but I am going to have to get to that tomorrow if I wanna keep up. I just do not feel like it today. 100+ e-mails kinda wore me out. It's been a long week and a half. "Honey do this, honey I need, could you please" I feel like I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep in weeks. Hell, I fell asleep in our chair twice. Aaron had to wake me up and make me get in bed. Luckily I woke up when the phone guy called.
I'm about sick of that Nano Baby. They are so much needier than Tamagotchis! I think I'm actually gonna take the batteries out when I get off the comp. Oh, and it did "grow". Twice. First into a walking 'baby', then it grew clothes and hair. Yay.
I guess that's it. Oh, except one last thing. The emergency room at Scott & White is way better than the one at Metroplex. I know it's far away, but I definetly prefer it. And I swear, if I ever get put in the position where I have to drive my sister's car again, I think I'll just walk. No matter the distance. *shudders*
One last thing (again), for anyone who doesn't know (and would like to), tonight is the blue moon. For some it's something special, for some it's novelty. Either way I just thought I'd share in case you didn't know and wanted to.

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