Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Funky Fingers: Hip City Jack

I'm here. ^_^ Digging way back to early last week when I layered Hip City Jack over Zoya Tilda.

Two coats of Hip City Jack. Super sheer shimmer with a smattering of tiny blue glitters.

It did dry fairly quickly and had that rough-glitter texture so I did add topcoat to finish it off.

For those of you who are super lazy and suck at coming up with ideas (you're in good company!!), the lovely Amy from Small Budget Beauty has hooked us up with a super laid-back, non-linear nail art challenge:

Amy says: "If you would like to play along too feel free to do so. Please tag your posts with SBBNailChallenge or use #SBBNailChallenge on Instagram, that way I can see all of your amazing nail art! This is not a weekly challenge so don't feel pressured to post every week (unless you just want too), just when you are looking for some inspiration. Also no need to go in order, just do what sticks out to you." What could be easier than that? I think #44 is going to be the hardest. lol

Got some chunks of my birthday haul on their way. I have enough untrieds (and,now, some nail arts to do) to last until then so I think I'll hang tight on them and post the whole mass all at once. hehehe Uhm... apparently I need to figure out what I did with the bottle of glitter polish I took pics of earlier so... yeah. Y'all take care and I'll be back tomorrow with some stamping. (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Long Weekend In Oklahoma City

Hey guys! I'm here. lol For those of you who don't have me on facebook or Instagram: I'm so sorry! XD I was going to put up a quick post that we were going to be gone for the weekend and got so busy!! I'm back now, getting back into my routine, had time to go through the pictures and videos so... here we are. ^_^ Even those of you who are on my facebook/instagram there will be some new stuff in here so sit tight, okay? lol

It all started back at the Cow Town Invitational when both Dustin and Stephanie invited us up to see them (and Boobzilla, David Goliath and Zombie Mike) perform and hang out at The Sanctuary haunted house in Oklahoma City. Of course Aaron got all kinds of excited and vowed to make it happen. Which it did. (I don't think he realizes that this means now I know he can make things happen if he really wants to lol) So after booking a room and making our arrangements for the house we headed off. Bright and early Friday morning.

I have to give a quick shout-out to my wonderful car. My little scootabout. lol We weren't even entirely filled up before we left (I had to drive across town to take my sister to work) and we were maybe half an hour away from OKC before having to put more gas in the tank.

We managed to pull together enough for two nights at a Motel 6. Caught a lot of flack because, "You should have let us know, you could have stayed here" "or here" "or here" lol Everyone was so awesome, but it was nice having our own little place to get out of the way (they all work so hard!) and have a little privacy for *ahem* "adult activities".

Not the most comfortable bed, but something about being in a motel room away from here made me exceptionally horny... *a-HEM* >_> Here's the bathroom:

We had a few hours to kill that first day so I got a lot of pictures of the room... lol

Where I made myself comfortable fairly quickly.

So many pictures...

Some luggage...

And, for those of you that missed it, this is what happens when you have leftover cold cuts and no fridge:

Okay, enough of that. I didn't get a lot of pictures that first night because one of the big rules at The Sanctuary is No Photography, but... apparently that doesn't apply to the outside of the building. :p Now I know. I did get a pic of this skyscraper:

Here are the heads Aaron made for Zombie Mike (on the left) and The Oh No! Variety Show crew (on the right):

Both were very well received. About halfway through the night Aaron managed to make his way to the makeup room...

I feel bad because they did a suspension the first night and... I can't remember this girl's name. She was hilarious and friendly and all I can remember is her saying over and over "I'm the hooker". lol She did great, though!

We got to go through the haunt twice and OMG if you ever get the chance (it changes every year!) you have to go. The first time we were behind some Asian (they didn't say, we didn't ask and I'm not gonna make a racist guess) tourists and they were the best! XD So into it. The second time we got to go through with the sideshow peeps and it was great being able to take our time and notice different stuff we missed the first time through. The experience was different, though, and I did get scared a few times on the second run. We also got to meet some people from The Freakshow Deluxe. Haven't gotten to see them perform yet, but they were all super amazing and friendly, too. Getting to see them perform is definitely on our to-do list. After everything wrapped up we went and hung out at Zombie Mike's with him, Boobzilla, David Goliath and Scott (you'll meet him shortly) for a while. Made a quick run to Walmart before heading back and ended up on the freakin' turnpike stuck at a toll road... that only took change... Fortunately we did find some, but we had a good five minute panic of "OMG WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?!?" (seriously, upgrade to the picture taking kind like we have in Texas lol) Didn't get back to the room 'til almost four in the morning.

Saturday we woke up fairly early. In the interest of giving everyone else a chance to wake up (one of our top priorities was "let's not be a couple of pests") we decided to venture out in search of a lunch that wasn't cold cuts or lunchables. Which of course started an almost hour long search for a Burger King. The stupid mobile site said "hey there's four and one is kinda close" but when I tapped the pointer it wouldn't give me an address! >_< So I marked something that looked like it was in the general vicinity and we drove around the area until finally we found it.

Of course after we found it, it started showing up on the GPS... and we ended up actually passing it four times afterwards. lol While Aaron was trying to get ahold of everybody to see what the plans were, we managed to (much more easily) make our way to the Halloween Warehouse for some supplies.

I gotta say, I love how excited everyone in Oklahoma seemed about Halloween. Down here? OMG You walk through the Halloween section of anywhere and it's like impending doom. Not so up there.

Made our way back to Mike's for a bit then headed back towards The Sanctuary. Got sent off (nicely) for batteries on the way and still managed to make it back in time! Despite not having any idea where we were, let alone where anything else was. lol (Aaron worked the gps like a freakin' boss, y'all) This time he did makeup for almost everybody performing. Starting with The Amazing Boobzilla:

Followed by Zombie Mike:

Then David the Goliath:

There was a small break for him, during which I caught this pic of Zombie Mike playing around by the cars:

Then Scott asked if Aaron would make him up, too:

Of course he would. lol Then he went and made himself up so he and Scott (aka: Zombie Bait) could go up and down the (massive) line entertaining/scaring people.

Video time! Yes, by the second day I was informed "Yes, you can take pictures/videos outside the attraction" and it helps them share what they do so I got what I could. Some of them are hard to see because they're mostly backlit and my phone didn't appreciate that very much.

The Captain and Stephanie had their daughter (who is absolutely adorable, btw) there and let her be a part of the show. Here she is standing on Stephanie while she lays on a bed of nails:

This time she's on The Captain's back while he stands, and does squats, on a bed of nails:

Here we have Boobzilla snapping one of those old-school animal traps (like the kind they use in cartoons) onto her tongue:


Zombie Mike had an electrified platform he stood on and would light up lightbulbs and zap people. Very cool in real life, but since they turned out the lights for it... I wasn't able to capture much:

I feel so bad because I missed capturing him at Immersed, too... I suck...

I did catch Boobzilla breathing fire:


And David the Goliath crackin' his whip.

There was also this cat wandering around. No worries, the cup was checked to make sure it was water.

We did leave a little earlier Saturday night to make sure we got to bed early enough for the next day's checkout.

Aw... Swung by the nearby Love's to gas up while Aaron tried to get ahold of everybody.

Glad we got out early and didn't push it because everybody else had a long night. So we decided to take the time for pictures! Here's the massive spider they attach to the roller coaster at Frontier City for their Fright Fest.

Got a picture of some red dirt.

This fairly big zen sculpture on the street corner:

And because we don't have them here anymore and they were everywhere in Oklahoma... a Circle K. (It's funny because of Bill & Ted lol)

We didn't get to go by The Captain's tattoo shop while anybody was there, but Aaron wanted to see it anyway.

Which worked out well because it put us in the general vicinity of Dustin & Steph's for the barbeque! ^_^ Another super amazing time just hanging out with everybody from the shop, Captain's Sideshow, Oh No and Freakshow Deluxe. We weren't going to stay long because we had a six hour drive back ahead of us, but Aaron managed to push it almost three hours all the same. lol Which was fine. I didn't really want to leave either. We made it home safe and sound around 10:30ish and that wasn't too bad either. I was totally wiped and it didn't occur to me to get a "we made it back" selfie with him. Ah well. We're definitely making the trip up again next year. I'll just get it then. For being our first trip out of state together, I don't think it could have gone any better. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We're still amazed at how nice and genuine everybody is! I'm still a bit worn out from all of the driving and excitement, but I also have some polish pictures stored up so there's a fairly good chance I'll have a polish post tomorrow. I will try. Hope everyone is having a terrific week! (^_^)"/"

Monday, October 20, 2014

Zoya: Tilda

I'm here! lol OMG Just a couple of days lost in Borderlands and I had so much to catch up on. So many lovely manis and awesome holiday products. Great blogging, you guys!!

I've been wearing Tilda for a while. Partly laziness and video games. Partly ZOMG look at this green!!

This is a mere two coats. There is some damage, but that's fairly recent. Tilda totally reminds me of sour apple candy. Perfect cream formula. I honestly can't say enough good things about Tilda. If you like green polish: get Tilda.

I can't believe I waited so long to get this one. *swoons*

Planning time! My birthday is next month and while I've entered to win a spa/resort getaway that happens to be the weekend after my b-day (*fingers crossed*) there's no way I'm counting on winning. lol So I'm already piecing together my birthday haul. Got 60% of the Swagbucks I need for my Sephora haul and I now have two Zoya coupons so I will be picking up some more of those. Also, I finally broke down and accepted a Julep box. Partly to use up some Jules (since apparently they expire now *ggrrr*) partly because I'm paranoid that they'll choose now to reinstate the "only Mavens that accept the monthly box get access to the Secret Store" rule and I want my birthstone polish asap. I didn't get any polish, but went with the Core Classics box.

More quick dry drops (my second favorite Julep product ever), some smoothing basecoat, hand and cuticle stick, a... cuticle stick which will likely get more use on my feet since my hands don't really need help in that department, and I used up most of my Jules on the Oxygen Nail Treatment. So, yeah. Birthday haul is coming together nicely.

That's it for me. Picked up the blue & purple Rimmel glitter so I gotta update my stash page, then it's back to Sims so I can mark off which fish he's caught so far. For those of you that do Sim, I've found Carl's Sims Guides to be some of the most comprehensive and are continually updated. That link is for the Sims 4 site. I kept using his Sims 3 guide clear to the end. Tomorrow I'm going to try and get some of this bow stamping done. Whether I do or not I should almost definitely have swatches of Hip City Jack before I remove Tilda. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Take care! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Funky Fingers: Fro Yo!

Hello, all! ^_^ Just a quick post today. Partly because blogger's being a butt-pain; partly because... it's Aaron's birthday!! 35 years old today. I'm married to an old man... LOL

Today I have four coats of Fro Yo!. Less spazzy persons than myself could probably do less, but every time I thought I was done I noticed ultra-sheer patches and had to go over them again.

Fro Yo! is a very sheer lavender-periwinkle with white and black glitters. Very cool depth look, but at what cost?!

Mostly just dry time. lol Fro Yo! was surprisingly easy to remove. Although that could be credited to the free bottle of Zoya's Remove+ that came with my last order. *shrugs* Fro Yo!!!

Currently I'm wearing Tilda and I'm sure it will surprise nobody that I am totally loving it. Going to try some more stamping experimentation before reviewing the bps plate. I could have had that for tomorrow, but I totally borked half of it. (which will also surprise nobody lol) Time to head out. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Friday, October 17, 2014

Born Pretty Store "Vortex Pattern" Water Decals

Hello, lovelies! Today I'm reviewing the Born Pretty Store water marble water decals; which they call: Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers Artistic Vortex Pattern Sticker XF1262.

For 99cents you get two sets of six little decals and two sets of the two longer ones. That's a pretty good deal. I really like the designs and especially the fun bright colors.

These water decals apply the same as any other. Moisten the back, slide the image off, apply to the nail. I think the curves of my nails betrayed me here when I tried to apply the designs towards my tips. You can see that when I added topcoat some of the decals started to curl up from the bottom. o_O I was not applying my topcoat backwards so I can only assume it's from the edges not laying flat against my nails.

Still very cool looking. I got a lot of compliments (some people even thought it was water marble!) and nobody noticed the wonky bits. Even with the curling I'd still give these an A-. I do love the colors. Don't forget to use my code EMX31 for 10% off! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sinful Colors: Starry Night +Haul +Sims

Good (almost) Morning, all you beautiful peoples. ^_^ Anybody else finding it ridiculously difficult to crawl out of bed now that it's getting colder? lol I am, for sure.

Today I have three coats of Starry Night. I don't know if this is a special Halloween polish from Sinful Colors (I believe I may have seen it before), but I found it in the Halloween display.

Starry Night has a fairly sheer black base with tiny holo sparkles and some holo shreds thrown in for good measure. That top pic is with my camera, the next is with my phone:

I didn't get a lot of the shreds out of the bottle this time, but I got a few!

For some reason even though I could see all of the sparkling with my eyes, my cameras were having a hard time. So here's a blurry close-up taken while I was in the bathroom:

Sparkly! And a bottle shot where you can see more of the shreds just hanging out against the glass:

As I mentioned yesterday this did chip pretty badly on my right hand. Thankfully Moxxi leans towards trashy so I didn't feel all out of character. :p

ZOYA!! Imagine, if you will, my squee of delight when I spotted my package sitting on the trash can a full day before the projected delivery date! ^_^

Charisma (which is more purple than pink), Tilda, Loredana and Harlow. *SQUEE* hehehe Also, my free Matte Duo gift!

Posh will be heading up to Norma and I'll have swatches of the unnamed (and, sadly, unlabelled) matte lipstick just as soon as I feel like doing up my face. I did a quick swatch for Norma last night (she twisted my arm... lol) and it is WAY brighter than what I normally wear, but I do love the matte finish. I'd say the wear is pretty good, too, since I woke up with red lips. LOL

Quick Sims. Still (slowly) working on my legacy family. I've had random members digging around for "treasure" and finally managed to dig up all of the "MySims" trophies!

This was confirmed by a handy pop-up and the appearance of a "completion" plaque in their mailbox. Huzzah! Still need a few minerals and fossils, but one collection down and I can sell the duplicates.

Tomorrow I'll have a review of the "water marble" decals. I'm wearing Fro Yo! right now. Think I'm going to go ahead and use it as a base for some stamping (need more points for more plates!) and then I'm going to reach for Tilda. Partly because I'm such a green fiend, partly because she looks like she'd make a good base for Hip City Jack. Got a few (hopefully) non-busy days before we find out if we'll be able to go to Oklahoma so I should be able to fit all that in. In the meantime I'll be swagging my little fingers to the bone for my birthday Sephora haul. I was doing good for a while, but it still feels like a new computer is so far away... *sigh* Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week so far. Take care out there! (^_^)"/"