Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Essence: Movie Star & Zoya: Imogen

Back to swatching! Yep, got a twofer today. Starting with two absolutely perfect coats of essence Movie Star:

I grabbed this one off of Storenvy, mostly because I could. I'm so glad I did! Movie Star is a perfect, medium-dark grey cream. Two coats, fast drying. Love.

So classy.

After some testing I decided that layering Imogen over Movie Star wouldn't really affect it one way or the other. Imogen is classed as a PixieDust, but...

Even with the sorta-texture and larger glitters I wouldn't class this as a PixieDust... magical or otherwise. Imogen is a very lovely black with holo glitter, to be sure; but if you're a die-hard PixieDust fanatic (and cried when Zoya announced they were discontinuing the line) then this won't exactly do it for you in that regard. It is pretty enough for video, though!

Exceptionally pretty, just not what I would call PixieDust...

Tomorrow! OMG! *checks clock* Fifteen hours from now the Models Own sale starts. I have everything set up and ready to go (including three alarms to make sure I wake up before 4am) and will be wearing Formula X Rocket Fuel for the occasion. Because it's chrome. And green. It will bring me luck! Then on Friday I'll share what I've been sporting these last couple of days. It's kewl. Okay, hope everyone is having a great week. See you tomorrow!! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BP-32 Review

Hello darlings! Today I am sharing with you Cartoon Lovely Panda Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY 32. Or BPS plate 32 for short. Can you guess why I chose this one?

"The face?" Yes! Also the hearts, but mostly the face. hehehe I was worried that I would have problems transferring it, but neither the face nor the hearts gave me any problems whatsoever!

So cool! The pandas are incredibly adorable.

This next one, the other full-nail with the ribbon, is the one that I kept having problems with. The large block of color at the top is difficult to scrape without taking all of the polish with it. I did finally get it to work by scraping side-to-side instead of bottom-to-top. Not on the mani I would have liked to, but you can see it.

Very nice image, just takes a bit of patience and practice. And, of course, who doesn't like ribbons?

So what do you think of Cartoon Lovely Panda Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY 32? Cute, right? Plate BP-32 is currently on sale for $0.99! Go check it out! I don't think it works on sale items, but don't forget code EMX31 for 10% off and, as always, free shipping! Gotta love free shipping. lol Hope everyone has a fantastic day! (^_^)"/"

Monday, January 26, 2015

#SBBNailChallenge - 41 - Tape Mani

Hey, guys. Today I decided to post my #SBBNailChallenge mani. Mostly because I went ahead and posted it to Instagram last night. So I wouldn't forget. lol Compared to some of my other offerings, it really feels like I kinda phoned it in on this one...

This is #41 - Tape mani. I tried to keep my fingers together and angle a long piece of tape across all nails to have a consistent angle line and... my stupid pinkie... I dunno wtf happened there. Also, my stupid topcoat streaks again. >_< *sigh* I promise the next one, whatever it is, will be better...


Tomorrow I've got the BPS plate review. Then Zoya Imogen. Since I'm a bit ahead I think I'll try out some more of these nail strips. See if I can manage to not get bored within a day or two. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Take care, you guys. (^_^)"/"

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Color Club: No-So-Mellow Yellow & Barry M: Nail Effect 311

Hurray for super fun mani time!! *throws confetti* I knew that Not-So-Mellow Yellow was going to be sheer (of course), so this is two coats layered over white:

Not-So-Mellow Yellow has a gold-orange shimmer that's not super obvious, but does add a little something.

She's also super insanely bright!! Oh yeah, I also topcoated. Ended up with a bit of damage in the night.

Just look at that!! hehehehe Love love love neons. The more obnoxious, the better!

I decided that now was as good a time as any to try out the Barry M Nail Effect 311... That's what it says on the bottle. It's another black crackle.

OMG Just look at that!! Crackle perfection! 311 dried so quickly, and also matte. Topcoat here, too. Hopefully one day I can get ahold of one of their "crocodile" shatter polishes...

Okay, so today ended up being a very good polish day. I have pics for another #SBBNailChallenge and finally managed to get that last stamping image to work. Yay!! So all of that, plus Imogen will all be coming up in the next few days. Okay, I think that's about all I've got for now. Time to go make some more money and, hopefully, squeeze in some Sims, too. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sally Hansen: Teal Tulle

Okay, guys. I'm going to level with you. These Satin Glam polishes are seriously pissing me off. lol We started with Silk Onyx which was stunning and perfect at two coats, then we moved on to Sun Sheen which needed three, then most recently Chic Pink needed four... Teal Tulle would have also required four coats and, like Chic Pink did not want to dry! GYAH!!! Then, I had a moment of genius. I removed the prematurely smudged mani and started with two coats of Sterling Silver and layered two coats of Teal Tulle over that. I still had to wait about 40 minutes between those two coats, but the end result was absolute perfection.

ZOMG!!! Just look at how it glows! Was it worth all of the trouble? It is pretty, to be sure, but my goodness what a little diva this polish is...

Okay, I'm a liar. Totally worth it. lol If you have the time to wait between coats, that is.

Good news!! Aaron's been searching the interwebs for cheap costume contacts. An endeavor which usually leaves my blind ass in tears because even sites that do offer prescription only offer up to -3.75 and I wear -5.00. >_< Well, he finally stumbled upon Pinky Paradise which offers prescriptions up to -9.50!! On quite a few different lenses. This morning I ordered a pair of EOS New Adult Pink. hehehe If this order works out well and the prescription is satisfactory I'll be ordering a pair of the White Mesh. That's sure to freak some people out. I am beyond excited. You have no idea. I am.... so blind.... *ahem*

As promised tomorrow is Not-So-Mellow Yellow, and then Zoya Imogen which... if I'm being honest... I'm a little worried about. I was super stoked when I ordered it, but then KarenD got hers first and... her review has me concerned... Still, I must soldier on! So that is coming up. Uhm... Yeah. I keep having problems with the last image on this plate, but I'm going to keep trying. If I have to I'll stamp it on my palette and call it a day. *looks around* Okay, then, off to paint my nails. lol Y'all take care and have a great weekend! (^_^)"/"

Friday, January 23, 2015

Julep: Margit & Essence: Dopey

Good afternoon, darlings. Wow today ended up long. Had to take my mom's van to Discount Tire this morning, picked up my dad, had a ton of blogs to catch up on all of a sudden (how did I miss so many yesterday?!) and now we're trying to get the new digital adapters for the cable to work. Stupid cable...

Now that I have a moment to sit down, let's take a look at some pretty polishes! Starting with two coats of Julep Margit.

Margit was the Maven selection that I was least enthused about on the site, but in person on my nails... very classy. She actually could have been a one-coater, too! You know how I am, though, about trusting that. So this is two coats, dried pretty quickly. She is a bit thick, though, and I think that's where the bubbles came from. Not 100% sure, but... she was a bit thick...

You'll notice that Margit has a very lovely pink shimmer in the bottle. Again it was very overcast and rainy, so here's a shot indoors with the flash.

Ta-da! Ish? Hrm. You can kinda tell it's there, but it's not very flashy.

So, I decided that Margit was too different to use as a base for Dopey. Instead I used my yellow-buster basecoat and three coats.

Still pretty sheer after three coats, but a fun, pretty color. Doesn't particularly remind me of Dopey the Dwarf, but it's a nice color regardless.

Looks like we're back to the Satin Glams with Teal Tulle tomorrow. Then hehehe some more neon with Color Club Not-So-Mellow Yellow. I can't wait. I'm going to go make myself busy before I end up going on and on about the Models Own sale again. Need to see if I can do more surveys before then... *ahem* Y'all take care, be safe, and have a great weekend! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Formula X: Hyped

Howdy howdy howdy, y'all. lol Hope everyone is warm and well. Today I have another gorgeous Formula X polish to share. Hyped is an amazing neon for a purple. Very bright. Also very sheer, but quick drying as it's also matte. Yeah, a lot going on with this one. Sorry my pic isn't entirely in focus, it is freezing outside!

Two coats over white. Hyped does have a blue shimmer, but it kept showing up gold in my pictures. Here's one indoors with the flash:

Looks kinda weird and streaky there, huh? It does not look like that normally. lol 99% of the time it looks like the top picture.

Working on a little testing. So far, Petrol is very sheer so I'll be swatching that over black. >_> Also, tomorrow is going to definitely be Julep Margit and possibly essence Dopey if I decide that Margit makes a good enough base. If not I'll just move it down the line a bit more. Also I'm going to take some time today and file my nails down a bit. Couple of the breaks and splits are finally starting to grow out and I want to stay on top of that. One more week until the Models Own sale!! *twitches* The wait is driving me crazy, but I'm so glad that they're giving people time to gather funds. Okay, I'm rambling. lol Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Barry M: Ridley Road +Comparison

*phew* All caught up and kind of exhausted. WTF is up with this week? *blah* Anyway, I was in the mood for some texture so I decided to move up one of my latest acquisitions: Barry M Ridley Road. Two coats, fast drying, awesome texture!

Such a bright, fresh blue!! I like the texture on this one. It's not sparse, but not really predominant. It's kind of a flattish texture, but visually you can definitely tell it's there. If that makes sense. Perhaps, if not, then it will after my comparison.

Left to right: Julep Kai, Milani Aqua Splash and Barry M Ridley Road. The colors, while all blue, are obviously different. What we're looking at is the difference in textures.

Kai on my ring finger has the lightest, least obvious texture. Next to that Aqua Splash (which I remember being a lot lighter in color) has the most prominent texture. Ridley Road is somewhere between the two texture-wise. Do I even have to say that I love them all? lol

Everybody remember to update their Julep Maven stuff this month? lol I was hoping to be able to skip it (and have more money to put towards the Models Own sale), but... then this happened...

I took the It Girl box mainly because their makeup offerings haven't really tugged at me enough to do otherwise; but also so I can compare Becky to Butter London Petrol and essence Power Girl. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *ahem* I had to add Hazel from the Boho Glam box because ZOMG she looks gorgeous, and the two metamorphic topcoats that I didn't get free were a must as well. Fortunately I had enough Jules saved up to cover a chunk of that. lol

So, Amy mentioned that she likes Hyped so guess what I'm swatching tomorrow? lol Okay, I'm going to try and force myself back onto the bike (over-indulged a bit for lunch) before I decide I really don't want to. Hope everyone is having a great week! (^_^)"/"

Monday, January 19, 2015

#SBBNailChallenge - 2 - Orange +Plus

Okay! Let's see if I can focus long enough to get this up. lol By all rights I should have had this up way earlier. Sorry about that.

I decided to go ahead and turn yesterday's mani (specifically my right hand) into a #SBBNailChallenge mani! For #2: Orange. I think the sorta-ombre-lookin' base makes it count. ;)

Yes, I did have some problems with my topcoat streaking the designs all to hell... Not on all of my nails, though, which is kind of weird.

I think my right thumb there ended up being my favorite.

Even though it doesn't have the multiple oranges, I couldn't just not do my left hand.

I think my left thumb most clearly demonstrates the issues I ran into trying to pull this off:

It's all stringy looking... lol


"What sort of issues?" What's that? Oh yeah... well... I had learned previously that these neon oranges don't like to play well with others. Using black and clear combated that quite nicely in the past. However, my Sinful Colors clear did not behave quite as well as the Models Own clear... in fact, my first test with the WnW black resulted in this strangeness:

I have never had polish rings just break apart like that! Also, unlike before, I just could not get the swirl pattern to work! Hence the kind of randomness in the designs. The good news is, I did get it to work (begrudgingly with Camelot). The bad news? I'm not really sure that I like it. It looks really messy...

Okay, first "plus". Remember I mentioned the disappearing Wet n Wilds?

GYAH!! O_O Has anybody else seen this?! Essence, at least, has addressed their empty displays on facebook. I haven't seen anything from the WnW crew...

The second "plus"... OMG EXCITING!!!

*dies* Not only is Models Own releasing 10 true chromes; they're having a 50% off the entire site sale to go along with the release!! *dies* I'm gonna level with you. As of this morning the plan is to get all of the chromes, all of the iced neons and Hayley's Comet because I never see it in stock at Llarowe. That may change as I have ten days to cool down, but... I could also run into some money and end up ordering even more. 50% off!! I just need to figure out what time it will be here when it's 10am in England because the sale is "while supplies last" and there is a ton of interest in the chromes...

Okay, I'm exhausted and the animals are wailing to be fed. lol I haven't decided if I'm going to do Ridley Road tonight or hang on to the water marble for another day. I woke up pretty early so I may pass out pretty early. We'll see. Y'all take care out there and I'll see ya when I see ya! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Models Own: Orange Sorbet +Comparison

Ermahgerd orange!! hehehe You know I can't resist a good neon and orange is one of my favorites. Right up there with yellow, green and pink. *looks innocent* Today's offering is a bright, neon orange from Models Own - Orange Sorbet!

The direct sunlight, coupled with the inherent difficulty of neons, makes Orange Sorbet look a little washed out. Here it is in the shade:

There we go. Nice and bright. This is two coats of Orange Sorbet over one coat of white undies. Applied smoothly, dried quickly. Only real issue was clean-up because (apparently) it's difficult to differentiate between orange and my skin in the dark. :p

I do have a few neon oranges. For comparison purposes I arbitrarily picked two:

Butter London Silly Billy and KleanColor Neon Orange. The results were pretty interesting.

Next to the other two Silly Billy looks dull and vintage, hardly neon at all! Neon Orange looks a bit darker, but somehow brighter than Orange Sorbet. It's kind of amazing how (in person, at least) none of these look anything like the others!

I have a vision of nail art for this. I'll give you a clue: There is a direct example somewhere in this post. hehehe I saw it while looking for which polishes to compare and thought "oh wow that was really cool!". So I will be doing "that". Assuming I can find cooperative colors. Intrigued? Good! I hope it works out. lol After that I will be featuring Barry M Ridley Road. Debating over whether or not to do a comparison with Kai; after pulling it out I realized the two look nothing alike. I guess I could compare the texture. Okay, that's what I'll do. Fun stuff. Hope everybody's had a terrific weekend. Love y'all!! (^_^)"/"