Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Waaaaaaaay Back Wednesday?

Like, way back before I had a blog? Maybe? lol Actually I am wearing Trustafarian, but it was overcast when I went for pics this morning. Then we spent all day in Austin getting latex for a head he's making, then we had to pick up dinner, make dinner, feed everybody... I'm exhausted and the sun is setting. So, yeah. I'm going to go Sim. Just couldn't bring myself to completely skip the day without explanation. I'll be back tomorrow with some prettiness for you. ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vibrant Temporary Color For Dark Hair (No Bleach!)

Yeah, I had no idea what to title this. Guess that's overly descriptive for something I've already lightly covered, but perhaps it will help bring it up in a search engine for someone who's not a loyal reader (yet). lol Gather 'round ladies (and gents?), especially those of you frustrated with trying to temp color dark hair without resorting to bleach. Hair chalk is seeing a major boon lately, but if you check out Jasmine's review of the Splat version, it carries it's own frustrations for those of us with darker tresses. It's cute, but nowhere near as vibrant as the box image. Shortly after Jasmine posted her review Norma found this slideshow detailing how to use eye shadow. Of course I had to try it myself, after which I received a litany (how do ya like that word, eh? LOL) of questions. So, being the people pleaser that I am, I decided to make a post out of it.

To start I picked up two brand new eye shadows so we can see how much is used really.

Essence Wild At Heart and John Lemon. Why not? Started with freshly straightened hair which I think did make a difference as far as my hair grabbing onto the color. I had to use a few more swipes and it's begun fading much quicker.

Then I put my glasses back on so I could see what I was doing.... and separated out a section for coloration.

This next picture got washed out by the flash, but it's fairly common sense. Hold the eye shadow (if you can pop out the silver pot part it's likely easier to use just that, but I'm terrified I'll break something with my man-hands) flat against your hair, using your thumb on the other side to press your hair into the shadow and drag it down the length of your hair.

For the yellow, depending on the length I was trying to cover, this vibrancy took between 8 and 15 swipes.

I did about five streaks with the yellow; then took the blue and did the tips of my bangs, the underside of my hair and the tips towards the front. The darker blue took fewer swipes for full color than the yellow.

So how much eye shadow did this kickass look cost in all? Not a lot. I didn't even hit pan on the yellow, and you can still see the etched design along the outside of the blue. Still plenty available for traditional use.

If you like you can set the color for longer wear with hair spray or makeup setting spray. I don't have hair spray, but I do have this little sample of Urban Decay's makeup setting spray so I used that.

Here's how the color looks out in the sun:

Looks like it's time to trim my bangs again...

Two little bits of advice if you're going to try this out. First, your hands will get messy. You can wear gloves or just wash them when you're done.

Also, while you're applying the shadow to your hair... all the dust that doesn't stick to the hair will fall on you... and your counter. I recommend a towel or something to avoid this "coal miner" look I got going on:

LOL Loads of fun.

So, what do you think? Is this something you'd try? What colors would you use? I wanna see pictures!!! It really is a lot of fun and a great use if you have any super gaudy or nearly expired eye shadows taking up space.

So that's that. Tomorrow is Way Back Wednesday and then Thursday I'm coming at ya with a twofer. Knockin' 'em down. Hope everyone is having a great week. See you tomorrow! (^_^)"/"

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rimmel: Blueberry Whizz +Ruffian

Hello all you lovely persons. I hope this day finds you all well. Today I'm starting with two coats of Blueberry Whizz... seriously, is that a British thing I don't get because it sounds indecent...

The color is way more vibrant than Fizzy Applelicious, and it is still a tad sheer, but in a far less annoying kind of way.

Since Fizzy Applelicious is/was still at the top of the drawer/pile I went ahead and grabbed it for a rough ruffian.

*teehee* I really like this look. This is two coats of FA over the BW. One coat was just too subtle.

Fun with textures!! You know I love it. When you look at it from the side you can see a distinct difference in thickness (like a little baby step from one color to the next), but since it's texture it kind of blends itself from straight-on.

I slept in pretty fiercely today so I don't have envelopes for shipping yet. Promise! By the end of the week! I'm also going to try really hard to straighten my hair so I can get that post up. WBW is going to be either neon or holo (it is summer, sheesh) so there's that to look forward to. Also have some pretty glitter and more pretty glitter coming this week as well. Looks like Aaron is behind schedule so... guess I'll go do my hair now... lol Hope everyone has an amazing week! Y'all take care and happy polishing! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, July 20, 2014

China Glaze: Cherish

Hello, lovelies. First up: Don't forget to pick or skip your Maven box! I actually wish I could afford it this month. The colors are very pretty. Also, did anybody else notice they hiked up the price of the add-on polishes? WTF? Maybe they wouldn't have to have to many "open to all" sales if they treated their Mavens a little better, but... I digress. Yesterday's hiatus helped a bit, I think. I was going to post, but then my dad came in late and it was almost 7pm by the time I got to sit here and by that point I just wanted to load up Sims and relax. OH! Before I forget, even with the bigger glitters thrown in there Cosmo was only slightly more difficult to remove than regular texture polish, and still a bit easier than regular glitter polishes.

Now, Cherish!

This is two coats, though if you're careful one will suffice. I love the green color in this. It's a bit more vibrant than most of my other chrome/metallic greens. Application was super easy over my regular basecoat; no streaking or weirdness at all.

Doesn't lay quite as flat as some other chromes, but that helps disguise ridges and stuff which is always a bonus for those of us who don't live in falsies. (nothing wrong with falsies if that's your thing, just that I don't)

That's it for me. Now to wait around for my mom to get back with my car (>_<) so I can finish up the dailies. Tomorrow I'll have Rimmel Blueberry Whizz (seriously, wtf is up with that name?) and hopefully a message for those of you waiting on packages from me. I know! I'm awful. Also, I did pick up two brand new eyeshadow compacts (on clearance lol) so that when I do the post on that I can include how much was used. Yay! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Take care! Love you guys!! (^_^)"/"

Friday, July 18, 2014

Zoya: Cosmo

When the Magical PixieDust line was initially released... I was apprehensive. To say the least. I like the original PixieDust formula and if it's not broke, don't fix it. Right? Still, for $4 I could give them a try. I mean, I am open minded when it comes to texture.

Here's the thing... If you like the original PixieDusts, don't automatically assume you'll like the Magical ones. Due to the bigger glitters coverage is not easy to obtain and even after three coats there are still parts where I can see my naked nails peeking out from underneath.

If you really want to know the stone-cold truth of the matter: Cosmo has the exact same texture as There's Snow One Like You! You know, that polish everybody hates. Except that Cosmo comes with a holo sparkle- it's the same texture formula.

I don't want you to walk away thinking I hate Cosmo. I don't really... I guess I just don't see the point when there are still so many color possibilities for the regular PixieDusts which are stellar polishes! (Hello! Neon!) I do like the "Magical" sparkle and super quick dry time, but... I think I'll finish off my regular PixieDust collection (even though I think I just have a couple of oranges left to get) before delving into the rest of the Magical ones. Maybe Vega will work out better. *shrugs*

I may or may not take a small blog break tomorrow. It seems like there's so much going on I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Whenever I do come back (which may be tomorrow, I do like it here) I will finally have China Glaze Cherish for you, and an update on whether or not Cosmo was a pain to remove. Coming up very soon I will do an in-depth post on the eyeshadow-as-hair chalk thing because ZOMG! It lasted for 23 hours! It did fade after a while, but was still noticeable. Which is way cool. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Claire's: Sprinkles +HK Stickers +Nail Mail

Hello, darlings! Today I've got two products sent over by the wonderful gin, plus a bit of nail mail at the end. Yes, you must wait for the nail mail! Muahahahaha!!! *ahem* Starting off with a cute Claire's polish called Sprinkles:

This is two coats over white because it's pretty sheer. Dried fairly quickly, but I topcoated to smooth it out. Sprinkles is a bright pink with purple, blue, green, pink, orange and yellow hex glitters.

Very cute, but fair warning! Pain in the butt to remove.

Gin also sent some Hello Kitty nail art stickers and what goes better with pink than Hello Kitty?

Nothing, that's what! hehehe These are normal sticker type decals, and I did have a couple try to fold up on me, but still super cute!

hehehe Hello Kitty makes everything better. ^_^ Everything. o__o

Nail Mail! My Zoya and ILNP sale orders. Gaze at the pretties!

I tried to make a pyramid, but the Zoyas wouldn't hold up the ILNPs... *ahem* Left to right: Zoya Arabella, ILNP What The Funk, Zoya Cosmo, ILNP Peace and Zoya Vega. I've decided I don't care how rainy and overcast it is tomorrow, I'm wearing Cosmo. It's too sparkly to resist.

Also, y'all have to check out this slideshow that Norma found!! It's about using eyeshadow as a substitute for hair chalk if you have really dark hair. I was so excited I had to try it out asap so ignore my lack of makeup:

I used Revlon Lilac Shimmer which, unsurprisingly, is a shimmery lilac. Look how good that came out! Thanks, Norma!! I didn't set it with hairspray and every time I move my head I drop a shower of glitter on myself *teehee* but it looks really cool and showed up so much better than I thought it would! Thanks, Norma!! You get the award for most awesome share!

Time to feed everybody and jump back on Sims. hehehe Hang in there, guys, the week is almost over! Take care, be safe and happy polishing!! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

An Oft Hated Polish....

Hello, darlings! Come close while I regale you with tales of days gone by.

Once upon a time, when my insanity was still in its infancy, I was enthralled by videos and images of holo polishes on Colette's blog... blogger is suddenly not loading my reading list, but I've linked her before so... moving on.... *ahem* Keep in mind this was back when I balked at paying more than $2/bottle and knew almost nothing about holos except that they were pretty and I wanted one. Cue eBay...

My ignorance of holos and subsequent acquisition of this set of "chunky holos" by KleanColor was really nobody's fault but my own. Even so, I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment when I received Chunky Holo Purple (along with three other equally disappointing "chunky holos") instead of something more like, say, Color Club's Eternal Beauty.

Color/finish expectations aside, the formula on these suck. Like Nfu Oh 40 level suckage. After about 20 minutes I added my quick dry topcoat, an hour later I spazzed and knocked my nails together somehow and they were still a bit tacky so I added the quick dry drops and that seemed to do the trick. No sleep damage. Yay!

This is one coat of Chunky Holo Purple over two coats of Jessica Black Matte. I realize the black kind of negates the base-specific specialness turning what should be a purple-blue flakie-like-glitter into the practically generic more standard red-orange-green, but.... this was my second choice for WBW (can't remember which overstuffed drawer my Milanis are in) and I just grabbed a quick drying base. :p

And so, my fabulous peeps, thus concludes another exciting edition of Way Back Wednesday. I did get my Zoya sale order in last night (*squee*), but according to the tracker my ILNP sale order should be coming in today so I will share both of those tomorrow. S'alright? S'alright. I really want to try one of the "magical" PixieDusts, but man... we're supposed to get rain for a solid week. So tomorrow I'll stick to the queue with Claire's Sprinkles! That should be a fun one. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate QA88

Hello, everybody! Today I'm sharing a fabulous stamping plate that is perfect regardless of your nail length and, so far as I've found, the best alternative for those of us who can't afford the MoYou plates.

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Stamp Template QA88 is covered in a mix of designs that flow together. I love that there aren't any pre-set design limits so when my nails grow out again I can actually cover the whole thing in one stamp.

You could easily use the same section of the plate to get the same design on each of your nails, but I wanted to test the various parts of the plate and went for more of a skittles stamping.

QA88 is one of the most consistent, cleanly etched plates I've used in a long time. The only slight issues I had were my own fault for using Silver Mercedes which I could barely see after scraping.

Here's a pic I altered before posting to Instagram:

I can't recommend this plate enough, especially if you have longer nails. Expect a follow-up review once mine grow out. I will definitely be looking for more plates like this on Born Pretty Store. If you're going to pick this up don't forget to use my code EMX31 for 10% off and bps always offers free shipping! Y'all take care and come on back for Way Back Wednesday! (^_^)"/"

Monday, July 14, 2014

Essence: Stuck On You

Just a quick post today so I can jump in the shower before I get busy and the water gets used up. Again.

Today I have essence Stuck On You; two coats. Stuck On You is looking kind of blueish to me in the pictures, but in real life it's kind of a dark periwinkleish color. I did get a bit of tipwear (from what, I don't know) so just ignore that. Thanks. ^_^ lol

Yes, two super fast drying coats. The darkness made cleanup a smidge difficult, but not stainy or anything. Also, sparkles!!

Not super flashy sparkles or anything, but a little something to add interest.

Deciding to use this as a base for silver-stamping was a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. The contrast is much better. Tomorrow I will have my full review of Born Pretty Store stamping plate QA88. Which, omg spoiler alert, super impressed. You don't want to miss it. Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Love you guys!! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Berry Hair

Hello, lovelies. Nothing new or complicated about the products, just different colors for the same old dye stuff, so this is just going to be a quick(ish) overview of the color progression. I mentioned before it didn't come out quite the way I hoped, but... it's stood out and that's always good. Starting with my.... more or less original hair color:

Medium-dark brown. Not as difficult to alter as black hair, but... the thickness and course texture work against me. *sigh* Just a quick reminder of the products I used:

Vidal Sassoon London Lilac and Splat Berry Blast. I've been trying to take better care of my hair, but given the color on the VS box (not as impressive as it looked online) I decided to go ahead and use the Splat bleach.

Oh look at that. Still had some red hiding in there. Fortunately the purple is red-toned so I didn't sweat over re-bleaching.

I think they may have improved the bleach over the years. I don't remember it working this well before.

I used the Vidal Sassoon color more or less according to the directions.

Kinda purpley. Not bad, I guess. Still left me wishing I could find the old purple I used to buy at Walgreens. That was purple. @_@

I let my hair rest a few days before adding the Splat. This image on the insert made me laugh so I have to share it:

As usual I left the Splat in for... around five hours. Give or take. You can leave it in 48 if you want, there's nothing in it that's going to damage your hair.

*cries* I should have gone for the more blue-toned purple. Ah well, I can always throw that over this...

Not as drastic or "wild" as I wanted, but everybody really seems to like it. Even proclaiming "purple" where I just see off-red. *shrugs* If you're planning on buying London Lilac expecting it to come out crayon-purple... save your money. I want to hunt down the blue one and see if that fares any better.

For those of you speculating on whether or not the texture would help grip the stamping, I have good news!

It did not rub off during the night! Before I forget again, I got the initial inspiration to stamp over texture from gin shivers. She does the most creative stuff with stamping!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Don't forget to return for Stuck On You. Take care, y'all! (^_^)"/"