Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sinful Colors: Skele-bration & Go Batty

Hello, darlings! I'm actually on-time and relevant for once! Whippee!! Skele-bration and Go Batty are two new Halloween polishes (as far as I've seen and heard all the rest are old polishes) from Sinful Colors that are available at least at HEB, Walgreens and Target. I'm assuming probably also Walmart, but I haven't seen reliable confirmation on that. Regardless! These are currently available in several places so now is the time to go looking for them. *looks around* What? "What do they look like?" Oh yeah. On to the swatches!

As with most glow polishes, both Skele-bration and Go Batty are sheer topcoats which, according to my previous experimentations, work best over white. So each swatch is three coats of polish (I'll get to why in a moment) over two coats of white (because the white I used needed two).

Skele-bration is a fairly standard green glow polish (which I just realized looks bluish in that picture) with not-standard skull and crossbones glitters! Super exciting. The polish is fairly thin and the whole 2nd coat was me fishing out (with moderate difficulty) the skulls and getting them positioned properly on my nails. None came out with the first coat and I used the third to even everything out. I did get one skull naturally during the third coat application. So, how does it glow?

Fairly well. I can't find my blacklight bulb so this is from standing in the dark laundry room and putting my hand up to the window for about 30 seconds. The glow doesn't last super long, but if you're in low-light instead of pitch-blackness it does last a bit longer. If you're at a party with blacklights then that would definitely help

Go Batty is a totally weird name for this polish, but I do like the pairing of moon glitters with the blue. Go Batty behaved exactly like Skele-bration; right down to naturally grabbing one moon on the third coat application. Does it glow blue?!

*pfft* No... Still pretty, though.

I did get some bubbling, but I'm going to say that's 85% my own fault for using so many coats and being impatient.

I think I may go ahead and do the last two SC "neons" next just to get them over with and in their drawer. I don't have high hopes. Perhaps that means I'll be pleasantly surprised! We shall see. Hope everyone is well and enjoying some amazing fall-like weather. I'll be back in a couple days with some more polish! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bic Soleil Glow Razor Review

Hell, lovelies. I have something new, different and exciting to share with y'all today! A few weeks ago I received a pack of Bic Soleil Glow razors to try for free through BzzAgent and I am happy to share my results with all of you. "But Lizzy! What's so exciting about a razor?" Yeah, that was my first thought, too. Seriously, though, stick with me a moment.

Here is the actual Bic Soliel Glow razor:

They come in a pack of 3 for roughly $6.50-8.50USD depending on where you shop. Which is a little pricey if you're used to spending a dollar on the cheap razors. The package boasts a comfort shield, 3 flexible blades, lubricating strips, pivoting head and rubber grip. All mostly standard stuff, yeah? The part that really had me concerned initially was the "comfort shield". *yikes* First "comfort shielded safety" razor I tried had the wires across the blades that not only didn't cut the hairs, the wires tore my legs to ribbons. The Glow razors are nothing like that.

See? No wires. *phew* In fact, even though it looks like it should, the Comfort Shield does not get in the way of the blades at all.

My absolute favorite thing about the Bic Soliel Glow razors is that rubber grippy strip at the bottom. Whether I used shaving cream or not (y'all know how lazy and cheap I am by now, yeah?) I didn't get any drag! No matter how fast I shaved. It's been almost a month and I haven't nicked or cut myself the entire time and, honestly, that's quite the accomplishment.

So smooth! And hardly a hint of extra dark under-the-skin stubble on my extra pale legs. The only thing I don't really like is that the extra large head makes it a bit difficult to get into *ahem* smaller areas. Which isn't really that big a deal, I suppose, considering how great they work otherwise. As far as razors go I give them 9/10. Minus half a point for the bikini area awkwardness and half a point for price. I do like all of my areas shaved if I'm going to be shaving, but having a razor that doesn't skip all over my skin or randomly cut me (even going over my knees!) is just fantastic; and the rubber grip means I'm not dropping it in a fit of spazziness.

Have you tried the Glow razors? Or any of the other Soliel (standard, Bella and Twilight) line? I've tried the standard Soliel before and liked them, but I'm curious about the 4-bladed Bellas. Those even have a scented option which I find... unnecessary, yet intriguing.

Hope everyone's October is off to a great start. Up next I'll have a new spooky glow polish from Sinful Colors so hopefully you can grab one while they're available! Y'all take care and stay safe. (^_^)"/"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Essence: Rock My World! & Amazed By You

Hey, all. Almost spaced on today, but I'm here with two swatches from the "new" essence "gel" polish line. From what I've noticed there's not a ton of difference between these and the already amazing colour & go line. There is a "special" "gel" base and topcoat available, but I'm cheap and lazy and passed on those. Ya know, for now.

Starting off with two coats of Rock My World!, a beautiful smooth darkish grey.

I was going to use this for the Black & White prompt, but it ended up being too dark for the black. Still gorgeous, though.

And quick drying. I really don't see any difference between these and the colour & go. *shrugs*

Up next, two coats of Amazed By You.

Not as bright as I expected it to be from the bottle, but still a gorgeous plumy wine color.

I know it looks a little janky in the picture, but it looks much smoother in real life... just not as shiny as it did last night.

So... still having issues deciding on colors to wear. lol I kind of really want to do a neon skittles. Or a multichrome. Or texture! *looks around* So many polishes, so few fingernails. Welp, that's it for me. We'll see what I do when I get back, eh? Hope everyone's October is off to a fantastic start! (^_^)"/"

Monday, September 28, 2015

Zoya: Constance VS Illamasqua: Kink

Hey, everybody! Almost back to 100%; just a bit of an itchy nose for the most part. Wasn't feeling so hot when I wore Constance (one of the LE NYFW polishes), so... I sincerely apologize for this picture not being in focus...

As you can see... I could barely see. lol You can see the color, though! Two coats, dried relatively quickly. The formula was a bit thick (but not gloopy) so it did take a little while to fully dry all the way through.

There ya go. I decided to go ahead and compare this is the semi-matte Illamasqua Kink. Bottle shot:

Now... looking over my original post, apparently I didn't have any trouble with Kink the last time I wore her, but this time...

Hrm. Anyway, you can see that Kink is a slightly brighter green than Constance. Not quite dupes, but very very close.

Let's see... still have to review those razors before I run out of time. Also have essence Rock My World! swatched and ready to go. I have been overly indecisive about my polishes lately. Have a whole row of (17) polishes I haven't worn yet, but then I scroll through my collection page and think "ooh pretty... ooh pretty... OH! PRETTY!" LOL Oh crud... it's getting late. Gotta go feed the kitties. So, yeah, hope everyone had a fantastic September and (unless you follow my Instagram) I will see you next month! (^_^)"/"

Friday, September 25, 2015

Vassen Twilight Gray & Green Lenses - LensVillage

Hello, lovelies! Starting to feel a little under the weather, so please bear with me if things get erratic or... weird... lol I had to get this up, though, because... I'm forgetty. *ahem* So, last month (I think) LensVillage had a Labor Day sale and I was able to get two pairs for $30. Pretty sweet deal! Unfortunately the on-sale Rx selection was far smaller than the non-Rx selection, but... that's great news for those of you with 20/20 vision. As I was confined to a small selection of Vassan Twilight lenses I opted for gray and green, which are colors I had been contemplating for a while anyway.

It did take them a few weeks (three and a half?) to get here, but I'm used to waiting for overseas orders so it wasn't that big a deal. Each pair of lenses came with a free case, so yay!

I had to try the Twilight Gray pair first.

I could tell while transferring the lenses into their cases to soak that they are a little bigger than what I normally wear, and also the center hole is a bit bigger than I would ideally prefer. However, for $15/pair I'm not going to complain too much about that.

From a "normal" distance the big hole isn't that noticeable, or if you're in an area dark enough to really dilate your pupils. Since the lenses themselves are on the bigger side I did notice them in my eyes from time to time, but they weren't at all painful. Like... if you're not used to wearing contacts. I felt them, but not all the time and not in an uncomfortable way.

Here you can see the discrepancy between my pupil and the pupil-hole. I really wish manufacturers weren't so afraid of obscuring peoples' vision. lol What's the point if you can tell right off that they're contacts?!

Next I tried the Twilight Green pair.

Isn't that a gorgeous color?!

Taking into account my skin, hair and natural eye color - I think I prefer lighter colored lenses. lol The extra darkness makes me look kind of evil.

As with the gray lenses, these were noticeable in my eyes from time to time, but not painful and I had no physical discomfort with them.

Both pairs retail for $23/pair not on sale which is still a pretty good deal. (back in the 90s these would have been about $80/lens so... yep) Overall I do recommend LensVillage for their periodic sales; even though it doesn't look like they accept paypal I didn't have any problems using my debit card as a credit card and that gets a thumbs up from me. On a personal blind-person level I still prefer Pinky Paradise (despite their flip-flopping payment methods) for the sheer selection of Rx lenses they offer. Both sites offer quality lenses (they don't feel too flimsy or rigid and arrive in the glass vials you'd expect) and the Rx power has been perfect from both sites. If I do have issues in the future, y'all will be the first to know.

I really like the gray ones. *teehee*

I think I covered everything I wanted to. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer. In the meantime I believe I'll take a hot shower and a nap before dinner. *cough~cough* >_> lol Y'all take care out there and stay well! There's something going around... it's not horrid, but definitely annoying. See you in a few days! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

OKC & Beardlam 3

Hello, everybody! I know; I'm awful. lol It has been such a long week, but I'm finally here to recap our "weekend" trip up to Oklahoma City for posterity and those of you not following along on facebook or Instagram. ^_^

We left moderately early Thursday morning (11am lol) for the six hour trip North. Thanks to I-35 it's a straight shot; no thinking involved.

We did stop twice on the way up. Once for food (#LiveMas) and once for gas. For any Rocky Horror Picture Show fans out there, we drive right through Denton which is where Shock Treatment was supposed to be filmed. (wasn't because of the actor strike at the time, so that's a shame)

Huge shout-out to Wonka Mike and his lovely wife (whose name escapes me because I suck) for opening their home to us. Without their kindness and generosity the trip would have been far more unpleasant what with trying to sleep in the car in a Walmart parking lot or something. Here's a quick selfie of Aaron and Bruiser who may or may not have remembered us from last time.

hehehehe Adorable. ^_^ Mike had a doctor appointment Friday morning so rather than sit around making sure his house didn't float away we decided to explore a bit. This can be a little tricky because the stupid gps in my phone just keeps on trying to put us on the Turnpike, but we managed to find the mall!

According to Cristy it was a much cooler mall before when it had a Disney store and Sanrio store, but... it does have the coolest food court I've ever seen.

And an H&M!! Oh if I had all the monies... *sigh* I also found (and resisted) the nearby Ulta. Of course I did! But, yes, I resisted...

We made a quick trip to S&B Body Arts so we could see the shop (finally, last trip it was Sunday and they were closed) and I picked up this cute bow made by Stepher Madness (remember the chick that hoola hooped on glass? her):

Then, finally, we made our way to Bricktown Brewery for the main event! I got to be have a star.

I also got to meet this star!

Cristy and her husband are absolutely amazing. Friendly and hilarious and definitely not psycho stalkers as far as I could tell. LOL Seriously, I can't wait to hang out with them again.

Then! The main event of the main event. The Third Annual Beardlam Beard & Mustache Competition. Here's Aaron's look up close:

Scary! I was so nervous for him when he went up on stage to show off his hairs.

I don't know about the previous two competitions, but this year they had a celebrity judge! Mr Robert LaSardo, who is actually a decent human being; and not just because he gave Aaron a totally unsolicited compliment. lol You know when celebrities do events there's this understood level of niceness with us "little folk" that they have to have, but he went way beyond that actually talking to people and not being a dick even after everything was wrapping up. He was totally into the competition, taking everyone seriously and really getting into it. Proud moment for me: there were only a small handful of people that Robert LaSardo stood up to get a closer look at and... Aaron was one of them!

Sadly, he didn't win. According to a source close to the judges it was really close. If there had been a 3rd place trophy he would have gotten it. He is wanting to compete next year. lol If you'd like to take a peek at some of the truly amazing beards and mustaches that were on display check out the facebook album here.

Of course he always gives me crap about not "looking like a tourist" when we travel, but what's the point of travelling if you don't take in (and take pictures of) your surroundings?!

Also, apparently this is a thing:

We had to leave pretty early Saturday morning, but we did have time for a quick side trip to meet up with our e-friend "Panda" in Dallas. Being mostly on the way and all.

We had Starbucks. lol Not pumpkin spice...

Then, back home for all of the madness that was awaiting us here.

Last, but not least, I needed a mani that was going to hold up to a week's worth of travel and fun!

After much debate I finally decided to layer Zoya Cosmo over OPI Push And Shove. That chrome base really helped disguise the patchiness of Cosmo and it did hold up! That pic was taken yesterday so that's a full five days worth of wear. Fabulous!

*phew* Looks like that's it. Finally got my contacts from Lens Village so I will be doing a post on those coming up. Also the razors since I still haven't starting bzzzing on those yet. *oops* I will try to catch up on everyone else's blogs and stuff. *hugs* Love you guys! (^_^)"/"

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sinful Colors:Blue Sensation & V.I.Peach

Almost forgot to post today. Did forget to pick up cat food and had to go back out. One of those days. I do have two lovely polishes to share, so hopefully that will get me back on track.

Starting with two coats of Sinful Colors Blue Sensation:

Gorgeous blue with kind of a matted shimmer finish. The only reason I got this was because of the 3D Glitter sticker which made me think "ooooh texture or holo!" and it was neither, so... there's that...?

Still, it's pretty and dried quickly so I'm not too disappointed with it. Just a little confused.

I also have two coats of V.I.Peach.

I quite like it... for a yellow. It's a nice shade and, of course, that matte finish.

Currently wearing Color Club Antiquated. I thought I'd wear this 'til it's time to get ready for Beardlam, but it looks like I have one more post to do before we leave. I'll think of something. lol Hope everyone is well. Stay safe and I will see you soon. (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Zoya: Happi

Hello, lovelies! Today I have a beautiful shimmery gem from Zoya! Happi is a lovely pink with gold shimmer that is, sadly, more sheer than I would have liked, but not un-work-with-able and next time I will layer her over something else.

Three coats and still some VNL and (*ggrr*) PDL. The gorgeous shimmer does distract a bit, so that's nice. Like how it was all overcast when I was trying to take pictures?

I did have a moment sitting here and in the glow of my computer monitor where Happi looked almost coral and was absolutely glowing, but... my phone disagreed... *double ggrr*

We are not amused, phone. Oh! In spite of the three coats Happi still dried pretty quickly.

And then there was this:

I know, I know. Xbox One. But look at that cutie enticing me with irresistible prices. The banner is still up on the site (you can click the one above) and they do have a selection of prescription lenses available for the sale. I'm getting green and grey.

I'm going to go make some breakfast. Next post will feature a very confusing Sinful Colors. Hope you'll join me for it. See you there! (^_^)"/"