Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Personal Update

Hey, guys. I'm still alive. Just incredibly busy with stressful adulting things.

I got the renewal notice for my driver's license. "you have to come in; new picture, blah blah blah" I knew that much. "You need your SS card and birth certificate and blah-" what? >_> Since when? Dig around... no SS card. Had to drive out to Temple for that. Twice because the one day I chose to go was a half day and there was no place to park and a line out the door. So I went back the next day and was actually the first person called. Yay! So I went ahead and got my car inspected on the way back. For registration, ya know? SS card came in and I went all the way down to Pflugerville to do my license. Fancy new building. Took 10 min. *phew* My mom and I are going to vote early tomorrow and as soon as I get paid I'll take care of the car registration. *falls over* I should be able to do that online.

All the adulting all at once. Hopefully that'll rack me up enough Universal goodness ("I was a good girl, can I have some cake now?") for a decent birthday next month. Already treated myself to $50 worth of Julep goodness - including Scorpio. So I have that to look forward to. Not all nail polish. I wanted to try their eye shadow sticks and whatever it is their eyeliner is supposed to be.

Thankfully the Swagbucks goals have been pretty low. I haven't been sleeping well... or much... waste a lot of time just laying on the couch staring at the inside of my eyelids. Which reminds me... gotta do this snack log thing. That'll be $25amazon if I can stop forgetting to log in.

Also, getting behind on the Fallout because Plants vs Zombies is doing a Halloween challenge thing where we can unlock Halloween themed clothes for the characters. So I've been working on that. Halloween is the best. Any Pokemon Go players out there: they're doing a Halloween thing, too! Starting tomorrow, I think.

Uhm... I think that's it? I do have some snazzy new ILNPs, plus some other polish pictures just waiting to be posted. I've... kind of been playing a ridiculous amount of Minecraft to take my mind off all this adulting and stress. Speaking of! Time to go feed the kitties. *sigh* Y'all take care out there and I'll be back... I'm gonna say sometime in November. Possibly after my birthday. (^_^)"/"

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 17

When 101 regained consciousness she found herself in some kind of holding cell stripped of... everything. Whoever had done that was certainly going to pay, but first she had to figure out where she was. She hoped Charon was okay. Had he been imprisoned as well? Left for dead? 101 vigorously shook her head for a moment. First she had to get out of this cell.

The camera near the cell door focused in on her and a voice filled the room. It claimed to be President Eden, head of the Enclave and "leader of this great nation". 101 listened as the voice droned on, "I've been watching you for some time; you're resourceful and quite capable and I have a job for you. Your things are in the locker. Come see me at once." Well that part was easy at least. She had no interest in doing any jobs for the Enclave, but perhaps if she could get close enough to this President Eden... 101 dressed and armed herself before stepping out.

Raven Rock, huh? The Enclave sure had set themselves up in an impressive bunker. Since this "President Eden" hadn't offered an escort 101 downloaded the map to her Pip-boy before continuing. As she made her way down the lengthy hall she checked the other holding cells for Charon. Empty. It seems the Enclave wasn't big on taking prisoners. She prayed to Atom (the only "god" she knew) that Charon was safe somewhere. She thought for a moment that after her capture it seemed suspiciously easy that she was being allowed to walk around Enclave's home base fully armed when suddenly an alarm sounded. "RED ALERT! PRISONER ESCAPED! SHOOT ON SIGHT! RED ALERT!" Damn...

101 wished she had some Stealth Boys, or even her minigun, but she was going to have to make her way to the exit the old fashioned way. Even with the map Raven Rock was difficult to navigate, especially while keeping to dark corners and empty rooms. One room, however, wasn't quite empty.

Anna Holt. One of Project Purity's "scientists". Actually Anna Holt was a double-agent tasked with keeping an eye on Project Purity's progress. She's the one who called in the Enclave's first attack and informed them of the need for a G.E.C.K. Had, in fact, already discovered the location of the G.E.C.K. in Vault 87 using a salvaged Vault-tec terminal that the Enclave had in their possession. "We were working on ways to get through all that radiation, but you solved that problem for us, didn't you?" 101 fumed. (when she had time to think about this later she would find it mildly amusing that with all their resources no one ever connected Little Lamplight as a back entrance to the Vault) She contemplated killing little miss Anna Holt for her betrayal, but settled for knocking her unconscious so as not to draw unwanted attention.

Lady Luck finally showed her face in a big way and allowed 101 to discover Colonel Autumn's private barracks. A quick pick of the lock and she was in. His terminal was protected, but the encryption was weak and within minutes 101 had access to all of his private files. Apparently we have Anna Holt to thank for his miraculous escape from Project Purity's death chamber, seems he and the President had been at odds for a while... oh, but what is this? Buried beneath journal entries, scout reports and a collection of fairly vulgar "poetry" 101 discovered Raven Rock's self-destruct sequence. "In Case Of Communist Infiltration"? This had to be old. She wondered if it would still work... As 101 was inching her way towards the exit she came across this peculiar room. That was some heavy duty tech that begged to be investigated. 101 checked that the coast was clear (all quiet except for that blaring alarm) before ascending the stairs.

So, the "President Eden" that everyone was so wary of was... a computer?! Sort of. It did appear to be sentient and did, apparently, have a job for her. Project Purity would become a reality, he promised, under the control of The Enclave. However, President Eden had a bigger plan in mind. Inject modified FEV serum into the filter; this new strain is harmless to humans, but fatal to the Wasteland's numerous mutations. "Mutations".... this would take care of the Super Mutant problem, but also kill off hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocent ghouls. Forget the fact that Eden and the Enclave intended to charge people for freshly tainted water which went against her parents' dream. Her heart ached for both Charon and her father.

101 took a chance entering the self destruct code into President Eden's control terminal, but it paid off. An oddly friendly female voice came over the speaker system "self-destruct initiated 60 seconds to vacate". 101 checked her map and ran straight for the exit hoping against hope that Charon was somewhere (anywhere) far away from Raven Rock. She was fired at, but ultimately ignored, by Enclave troops and scientists who were scrambling to disable the self-destruct. She reached the exit just as the timer was counting down from 5 seconds and managed to get herself behind a large, craggy rock just as Raven Rock first shook then exploded in fiery brilliance. A few troops had managed to escape, but she cut them down quickly before heading back to Little Lamplight and Vault 87. She had to find Charon.

The destruction of Raven Rock may well have been dismissed as "faulty Old World tech" if not for one of Agatha's trader friends who happened to be in the area and spotted "that green haired Vault dweller" walking away from the smoking rubble as if it were just another day in the Wastes.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 16

I'll tell you right now that this isn't one of those stories where burning Charon's contract broke some kind of spell and suddenly turned him into a normally functioning ghoul. Oh, no. In fact, 101 didn't notice any change in his behavior at all as they followed the group of kids to Little Lamplight. She tried not to be terribly concerned; of course it would take time to adjust to his new life. Besides, they were busy playing guardian angels.

101 was noticeably relieved when the group of kids finally reached their destination. She was going to start heading towards the nearby Vault 87, but then curiosity got the better of her. What sort of place was Little Lamplight anyway? What made the kids think they could make it all the way here without some kind of adult supervision or assistance? She just had to find out.

What? Mungo? Turns out Little Lamplight is a sort of settlement run entirely by children; mungos are adults and not to be trusted. "People change when they grow up". Charon and 101 were allowed to enter Little Lamplight only because they had saved some of its residents. "But don't cause any trouble. I'm watching you." 101 was mildly amused by this exchange, but agreed to the terms.

You might think that a place run by children would be a chaotic mess, but not Little Lamplight. In fact, 101 was impressed by what she saw. They had a store, a school, a mayor... everyone seemed to be getting along just fine. Most of the children were distrustful of the "mungo stranger", but a few opened up when they realized she had saved their friends. A kid named Joseph was especially grateful since one of the released kids was his sister. He told 101 that they used to get books and supplies from the Vault, but that the terminal was no longer working.

Before attempting anything 101 decided to speak with Mayor MacCready about the Vault. The Mayor informed her that before the terminal malfunction anyone who went into the Vault never returned. "Only a stupid Mungo would even try. Go ahead, stupid Mungo, I don't care. Just close the door behind you so we don't all get killed." 101 did her best to suppress her agitation and thanked MacCready before heading back to tackle the terminal. "Come on, Charon. Let's cross this one off the list." He waited patiently as she inspected the "broken" terminal. Turns out one of the wires in back was loose. "Stupid mungo, indeed" she thought as the pair entered Vault 87. Being sure to close the door behind them.

Whether it was luck, karma or coincidence; it seemed that was the right way for them to enter Vault 87. Right near this back entrance a terminal indicated that there was a G.E.C.K. located inside Vault 87! 101 wasn't sure what the odds were, but thought it might be Fate that had guided her here. What was that about radiation overloads? Maybe this G.E.C.K. wasn't quite what her father had hoped it would be. If that was the case, then he had died for nothing... 101 took a deep breath and ventured deeper into the Vault.

Seems the G.E.C.K. wasn't the only thing being tested in Vault 87. It was also the Super Mutant womb where Vault-tec scientists tested and re-tested the F.E.V. (Forced Evolutionary Virus) that is responsible for all of the Super Mutants. Was it some misguided attempt to create people who could withstand the G.E.C.K.'s radiation? Or were they trying to create these hyper-aggressive super beast people? 101 wasn't sure, but took care to keep her eyes and ears open so her and Charon wouldn't be ambushed by a group of them.

When 101 and Charon reached the center of the Vault, her Pip-boy's geiger counter spiked dangerously. She checked her Rad-X supply then checked some nearby lockers for a radiation suit when Charon stopped her. "I'll go. The radiation doesn't hurt me." 101 opened her mouth to object then realized he was right. As a ghoul the radiation wouldn't hurt him. "Please, be safe." Charon nodded his agreement and headed into the glow emanating from beyond the G.E.C.K chamber's door. He emerged several minutes later carrying what appeared to be a bulky lead suitcase.

"HA! Doubt any of those other mungos could have managed this. Great job, Charon." They both smiled in spite of themselves and Charon even managed a small chuckle at 101's use of "mungo". 101 supposed it was time to finish her parents' great work and see if this G.E.C.K. was, in fact, the key to Project Purity. As the two headed towards the exit, 101 reminding herself to thank Mayor MacCready on their way out, the unthinkable happened.

Unthinkable, because.... is that Colonel Autumn? No, but... he died... 101 tried hard to think, but the darkness took her, and Charon, while Colonel Autumn took the G.E.C.K.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Julep: Libra

Hey, guys. So now we're nearing the end of the year and come to the first (for me) major disappointment in the zodiac line.

Libra. The box says "You are a true diplomat, Libra. Blessed with a balanced beauty, you love the graceful vibe of neutral shades. This flirtatious nude metallic was made to match your charming character".

I can kinda see where (they say) they were going with it, but come on... this just seems lazy. It is a nice color and the formula was good (three coats but dried pretty quickly), but it's not very special, is it? Hubz is a Libra and he doesn't like it.

They actually decided to "unveil" the rest of the collection at once and it honestly feels like they just quit trying for the last five. (check 'em out here) Oh well... I'm committed so I gotta get 'em.

I have no idea what's coming next. Still wearing Libra. Sorry for the crappy post. It's been kind of a rough day (month/year). I'm saving this last (for now) ILNP 'til it's closer to my birthday. Maybe some green... Anyway, y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 15

Once they were out in the fresh air 101 began to feel a little better. She decided not to tackle another Vault right away. In fact, she decided not to make any particular plans and just walked. 101 didn't even check her map as the pair walked leisurely across the wasteland. She was vaguely aware of how unafraid she had become of travelling out in the open. Charon had certainly proven himself a damn fine bodyguard and she knew that there wasn't much the two of them couldn't handle. She was going to mention as much when she noticed something in the distance.

Paradise Falls... why did that sound familiar? 101 was sure she'd heard it mentioned before, but couldn't quite place it. Charon gave no indication as they approached the collection of buildings. It wasn't until they reached the funnel-like entrance that 101 finally remembered. Paradise Falls. Slaver territory. 101 very nearly decided to give Paradise Falls a wide berth until she turned to check on Charon and saw that he was just standing there, staring blankly at Paradise Falls. He had gone... catatonic. Just standing there. Staring!

A white hot raged filled 101. Slavers. The full weight of their actions became abundantly clear to 101 when she witnessed Charon's reaction to the place. How could they do this to people?! At least the Super Mutants and Raiders killed the people they came across. Slavers did... this! Forced people into subservience. For what? Caps?! 101 felt an almost surreal calm wash over her; she knew what she had to do. The guards at the entrance, predictably, tried to stop her. One shot each and they were down. Slavers. She almost laughed. They probably spent all this time thinking they were untouchable. It was high time they were proven dead wrong.

This was the day that 101 truly became a legend. Slaves watched in not-quite-hopeful fascination as this green-haired Vault dweller methodically made her way through Paradise Falls. "She killed three Slavers with one shot!" "I swear, she was dodging bullets" "We were saved by a blue angel" The truth is, simply, that 101's seething anger and righteous determination allowed her Synth components to work at peak efficiency without that pesky "you're human and humans can't do this" programming. That doesn't make a very good story, though, does it?

Once every last Slaver in Paradise Falls (there were surely more out in the wastes) was dead on the ground 101 started coming slowly back to herself. Which was good because these slaves hadn't been brainwashed into compliance; they were wearing shock collars. 101 was sickened by this, but forced herself to focus on disarming them. She noticed some wires running through the fences and followed them to a terminal hidden in a shack. Stupid Slavers. "Be aware the slave collars are susceptible to severe water damage. DO NOT TRANSPORT SLAVES ACROSS WATER."

As 101 was leaving, bottled water in hand, to free the slaves she noticed this odd Vault suit. Vault 77? That wasn't on the list. With a shrug she collected the suit and got to work freeing all of the slaves from Paradise Falls. She was, admittedly, grateful that none of them asked for further help; simply running off, presumably back to wherever they had been taken from. A few of the children mentioned a place called Little Lamplight. Once she was certain her work was done 101 left Paradise Falls and collected Charon who was still standing outside. "Come on. We're getting out of here." Thankfully Charon snapped back to life and the two of them headed west. A quick map check told her that Little Lamplight was pretty far to the west and she wanted to keep an eye on the kids. First, however, there was one thing she had to do.

Charon watched as 101 showed him his contract before throwing it into the fire. She didn't expect that he would blow her head off as he had Ahzrukhal's, but her heart beat a little faster all the same. Charon merely stood there stone-faced, as if he wasn't sure what to do. "You are not my slave," she said. "You'll never be anyone's slave ever again. I'm going to make sure those kids make it home safe. Do you want to come with me?" 101 wasn't sure what to expect, but she waited patiently until Charon finally managed a reply. "Yes." 101 smiled, nodded, and the pair set off to keep an eye on the kids as they all made their way to Little Lamplight.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 14

Despite the previous day's breakthrough, 101 tried to remain "normal" on the way to Vault 106. She didn't want to get her hopes up that she had managed to cut through years (decades?) of brainwashing in just a few days. How arrogant! She had hope, though. As strange as it was she was starting to think of Charon as a friend more than a hired bodyguard. She considered that, perhaps, she was becoming too attached too quickly to make up for the loss of her father, but pushed that thought way down. She couldn't think about that now. 101 fell into a dazed silence as she concentrated on not thinking about her father; her stupor broken only when she noticed Charon's hand on her shoulder. They had reached their destination.

101 thanked Charon and approached the keypad to punch in her pilfered access code. There was a loud squelching sound as the long-unused gears forced themselves into moving. 101 looked up at Charon and tried to suppress an amused smile when she saw the intensity with which he was watching the Vault door slowly back up and roll out of the way. Of course he was curious, she supposed. This was the first Vault they had encountered together that wasn't sitting wide open. In truth, neither of them knew what to expect on the other side. 101's heart dropped a little when the interior was finally revealed.

Another Vault left in total disrepair. Vault 108 had taught them that "disrepair" didn't necessarily mean "uninhabited" so they proceeded with some caution. Vault 106's impact on 101's story has very little to do with the handful of insanity-driven residents, but everything to do with what had driven those residents insane in the first place. This Vault did have a few working terminals, but those were fairly useless. Entries limited to a handful of uninteresting official reports (repair, medical, security, etc - nothing out of the ordinary) and gibberish which she assumed was just corrupted data. They continued onward towards the maintenance room.

"What was that?" 101 asked, slightly alarmed. "What was what?" Charon responded. 101 didn't notice the anomalous response and pressed, "everything just went purple." "No, it didn't..." Their first true conversation and 101 was too freaked out to register it. They continued even more slowly through the winding halls; Charon visibly concerned and 101 stifling a scream when everything turned purple again. It wasn't just purple. Everything looked new. Then, in an instant, everything would return to it's normal, decayed, full-color state again. 101 thought they must have gotten turned around because instead of finding the maintenance room they ended up in the Vault's clinic.

"DAD?!" 101 rushed towards the figure, but as she reached out to grab him everything returned to normal and he was gone again. You may be interested in knowing that at this time Charon considered, briefly, asserting himself by suggesting they leave this, to him, very normal Vault that was obviously distressing his (friend?) employer. 101 had already forged ahead so he pushed the thought aside, opting instead to keep a very close eye on her.

This time the hallucination didn't simply vanish in an instant. 101 found herself in a brand new (if distinctly purple-ish) science wing, complete with a whole bay of working terminals, and she was determined to use them to get to the bottom of this. Charon could only stand by as he watched her type away on the long broken equipment.

Wait, what? "You talk to me you stupid computer!!" 101 screamed then stormed back into the hall.

101 looked around, shaking. Charon, for the second time that day, put his hand on her shoulder and with great difficulty meekly suggested, "perhaps we should go." 101 nodded slowly, tears threatening. Was this another sick Vault-tec experiment that, perhaps, didn't affect Charon because he's a ghoul? Or was something unraveling inside her? The prospect was a frightening one. She began to feel a little better when they passed a corpse on their way out and 101 remembered that at least some of the Vault's residents had been driven to madness as well. The best course of action was, indeed, to get out as quickly as possible before whatever was going on had a chance to take permanent hold on her. Vault 106 was dangerous. 101 made sure to close the Vault door when they left and smashed the control panel. If Vault-tec did their job properly a person would need something stronger than a nuclear bomb to get 106 open again.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Broadway Nails: Bowling Ball

Hiya, lovelies! Back today with another hubby-procured pretty from the dollar store. hehehe I'm still really impressed with these Broadway Nails polishes. They've all been easy to apply and dried fairly quickly. Plus, the colors!

Bowling Ball is actually a much more glowy blue in real life. I thought my camera had nailed it in the shade pic below, but as I was editing I noticed that that's not really as bright as it was irl either.

The color is spot-on (perfect sapphire blue), but the brightness is lacking. Definitely a winner of a polish if you like blue nail polish. Which I do! lol

I do have Libra on my nails now. Hubz is a Libra and wasn't super impressed... I'm not super impressed either. It's a nice polish, just doesn't seem quite as special as some of the other zodiac ones. You'll see. I'll try not to drag ass on getting it up.

Okay, so I've been sitting here for about 15 minutes just staring at the screen, so... y'all take care out there and I'll be back with Libra (and more Fallout) soon! (^_^)"/"

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 13

The next morning 101 thanked Agatha for her incredible hospitality. "Don't worry, dear. You've obviously been through a lot and needed the rest." Agatha saw the pair out and went back to enjoying her Stradivarius. With no pressing concerns and nowhere she needed to be, 101 thought back to the list of Vaults she had retrieved from the Vault-tec servers. Vault 92 wasn't too bad... the white noise thing was a little odd, but at least it hadn't affected her or Charon as far as she was aware. 101 consulted her Pip-boy map and decided they should check out Vault 108 in the east. She didn't bother asking Charon, but politely informed him to which he predictably replied, "I'll follow wherever you go". This trip was much like the last; 101 carried on most of the conversation while Charon grunted his noncommittal responses. 101 thought, perhaps, that she was noticing a distinction between his grunts, but that could have been her imagination.

They reached Vault 108 without running into Talon Company or any Enclave attack squads, just a handful of feral ghouls and a lone Radscorpion. Perhaps 101 had been forgotten about. Probably not, but either way it was unlikely anyone would come after her in this Vault. The open door gave 101 little reason to believe it was inhabited and the entryway didn't exactly fill her with hope.

Something bad had happened here, but what? There was only one way to find out. The Vault itself was rather straightforward. Not so much by design, but by the fact that so many doors were jammed or blocked off by furniture. Following the only path led 101 and Charon into the living quarters where the only sound they could hear was a confused, and very angry, voice ask, "Gary?". Gary? 101 turned to see a crazed man coming at her with a pipe. Charon dispatched him quickly before he could get too close. Then another from behind. "Gary?" Dead. "GARY!!" Again, Charon to the rescue. What was going on here? 101 couldn't keep up. Fortunately Charon's reflexes were sharp and his aim true. When the pair were sure they were, at least momentarily, safe 101 inspected the carnage.

All of the people in this Vault were named Gary? They all look alike, too. Could they be clones? Why would they only say "Gary", though? This was certainly a compelling, if somewhat disturbing, mystery. 101 and Charon walked silently through the dingy corridors keeping alert for more cries of "Gary". Now that they knew what to look for 101 was more helpful when they ran into a deranged "Gary". There weren't many more after the initial onslaught, but it was still unnerving to hear the echoes of "Gary" in the otherwise empty halls. Aside from an unusually high amount of dishes laying around, there didn't seem to be much here. Just lots of dishes and, even more strange, not a single working terminal. Not even in the "Cloning Lab".

Were all of these Garys cloning themselves? 101 thought back to her own Vault for a moment, trying to recall anything as out of the ordinary as what she'd experienced recently. Nothing came immediately to mind. "Charon? Why would Vault-tec want an army of cloned Garys?" She wasn't sure, but it seemed Charon was almost sad as he lowered his eyes and shook his head to indicate that he, too, had no idea. With no sane person around and no working terminals it seemed that was one question that would not get an answer. As they headed back to the exit Charon noticed something poking out from behind an overturned chair. 101 waited as he picked up a holotape and handed it to her.

101 wasn't sure how to react at first, then a smile spread across her face. Charon had found the one piece of evidence that there had, at one time, been non-Garys in Vault 108. At the very least there was this Dr Peterson. Any other inhabitants must have been killed off as the clones became more and more hostile. It didn't explain why they were cloning Gary, but it was something! Not only that, Charon had found it and given it to her. He wasn't just mindlessly following her around and killing things. He was paying attention. She looked up at him and tried to hold back tears. "Thank you, Charon! This was a really great find. I bet no one else ever would have noticed it sitting there. Hey, let's go check out another Vault!". 101 had a feeling no one had ever been nice to him before, so she started walking instead of waiting around for what would surely be an awkward response to her overly friendly outburst. 101 decided they should make camp near the Vault entrance, far from the dead Garys, and seek out Vault 106 in the morning. For the first time in a long time 101 slept easily and with a smile on her face. She didn't know it, but Charon even managed a little smile of his own.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 12

Any hope that 101 may have had that Vault 92 was still inhabited was squashed as soon as they discovered the Vault entrance already open; the inside showing obvious signs of decay.

101 and Charon made their way carefully through the Vault. With the door open any number of creatures could have made their home inside. The further they explored the less likely it seemed that they would find the violin intact, but that didn't mean they couldn't at least figure out what happened. If they could.

It appeared that Vault 92 must have been heavily raided as there was little evidence that anybody had ever lived there at all. A handful of working terminals hinted at a budding romance between a sound technician and a "red-headed violinist"; perhaps Agatha's ancestor? As intriguing as that bit of information was, 101 became a little uneasy at mentions of "sound experiments" and "white noise" and "new security protocols". What was Vault-tec up to, anyway? At least, she tried to rationalize, there didn't seem to be any creepy stasis pods around.

As the pair descended into the basement it became apparent that there was more wrong with this Vault than whatever little experiment Vault-tec had in mind. The whole basement was flooded and a surprisingly functional maintenance terminal had records of cracks appearing in the foundation appearing as early as 2095. Not even 20 years after the Vault was sealed. 101 tried not to focus too much on what sort of chance that left a bunch of musicians, instead backtracking to the living quarters and "Sound Studio" on the other side of the Vault.

That was certainly unnerving. 101 promised not to do that again and Charon grunted his... approval? She wasn't sure. Still, she was glad to have him both for company and to help clear out the Mirelurks that had nested all over the Vault. Without him it's possible that no one would know the true intended purpose of Vault 92. The Overseer's terminal revealed that the "white noise" was underlayed with subliminal suggestions intended to "increase aggression, focus and commandability". Suggestions which were supposed to be counteracted with a safe-word which, apparently, had become ineffective. The inhabitants of Vault 92 eventually tore each other apart, save a small handful who managed to escape before being driven insane... Why choose musicians for this sort of experiment? It seems some Vault-tec genius thought their tuned-in ears would increase their suggestibility.

By some miracle (or extraordinary coincidence) 101 found the Stradivarius, its case still intact, in the Sound Studio. She almost couldn't believe what she was seeing, but there it was. Agatha's great great grandmother took tremendous care of this instrument and 101 felt a sort of satisfaction that it would once again be in capable hands. Perhaps, she thought, beautiful things can survive in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Agatha was elated by 101's success and offered 200caps for her trouble. 101 refused payment, asking only that Agatha play something soothing; a request that Agatha was more than happy to grant. The day ended with Agatha playing a somber ballad, 101 dozing off in a chair and Charon standing guard at the door. If the music moved him at all he didn't show it. Even as Agatha herself finally turned in for the night he stood vigilant, guarding the sleeping women from whatever may dare approach.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sinful Colors: Cute Cadet

Hello, lovelies. Back again with another interesting glitter from Sinful Colors. Cute Cadet has some small pink, white and black hexes with a bunch of... not iridescent, but rainbow-reflective glitters.

This is one coat over Zoya Noot. I'm thinking it would look great over a lighter grey as well. Or maybe a blue... tbh I don't really know. lol I just opened my Zoya drawer and grabbed a cream. *ahem*

When I wore this we had a bunch of clouds, so here's an up-close shot with flash to show off the sparkle:

Ta-da! Sparkly.

For you Sims fans, there's a new holiday challenge starting today. Collect sugar skulls from "celebrant" townies and completing the collection unlocks new interactions with the Grim Reaper! I'll be taking a Minecraft break to work on that. I've got the next few installments for The Fallout Saga fleshed out, just need a few more pics and I can type those up so they're ready. Coming up here soon I'll have more Broadway Nails polishes to post and hopefully Julep's Libra as well. I honestly don't know if I'm up to doing Halloween nail art this year.... I know, I know... I do have tons of stamps and decals, so maybe I'll throw something together. Y'all will be the first to know. lol Take care out there. (^_^)"/"