Friday, December 19, 2014

Satin Glam Water Marble #SBBNailChallenge

Hey, guys! (^_^)"/" Today's water marble is for the #SBBNailChallenge 17 - Matte! Part of me knew that trying to marble with a quick drying matte was going to be moderately problematic... Little did I realize that trying to work with a satin matte (as opposed to a regular cream-type matte) was going to be such an ordeal. The end result? Worth all the hassle.

For this I used Sally Hansen Taffeta, Teal Tulle and Chic Pink. I was initially only going to do the purple and blue, but then my friend Barry commented on my test picture that it looked like Viniq (which I had never heard of and had to google) and I decided I had to do the pink... and the blue. Just not all three together because I felt that would be a bit much for each nail.

First, a look at the original post-cleanup result:

This is the original satin matte finish. The problem with this (which will be illustrated shortly) is that even after it dried, it was still really soft and dentable. So I added topcoat:

Very pretty and sparkly, but no longer a contender for the "matte" prompt. I then added a layer of the Butter London matte topcoat because that one seems to go on the smoothest/thinnest and, I believe, actually matched the original finish quite well. (I think not using the flash makes it look more matte...)

Now, my gripes. 1st - While the polish began it's spreading really well, after the first 2-3 drops it stopped doing that. So I ended up with a very small area of design to work with, meaning one nail at a time. 2nd - Having to work steadily as quickly as possible so the polish didn't dry before I could get my fingers in there. 3rd - There was almost nothing holding the polish together so cleaning up the water so I could get my fingers back out was an ordeal and I had to use a clear polish to get all the leftover bits stuck together before I could start another finger. *falls over* The only good thing about this process (aside from the final result) is that it seems if I pull my fingers out of the water slowly it gives any bubbles a chance to pop in-process. I think I ended up with one bubble in the whole mani.

On my ring finger you can see where I got a pre-topcoat dent, and my index finger shows what happened when I tried to dip two at a time. -_- Poor thing caught the very edge of my workable space.

Ka-chick! Overall, I'm super happy with the end result. Would I put myself through this again? ....probably just as an accent. Full mani ended up being a bit much for me. I do like it, though, and think I will keep this until my Yule mani on the 21st which will (shock and surprise) serve to satisfy #SBBNailChallenge - 23 - Inspired by winter! "But Lizzy! What are you going to post for the next two days?!" Uhm... *shrugs* I don't know. lol If I had some nail wheels I'd do some comparisons, but currently I still need my fingers for those. Maybe I'll take a couple of days off. We'll see.

Hope everyone is having a super fantastic week. Don't know when I'll see you next, but... I'm guessing most people are going to be pretty busy anyway. Y'all take care, stay safe and Happy Hanukkah! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Essence: Cookie Love

Hello, dolls! This one's for Amy! ^_^

Two super smooth, quick-drying coats of Cookie Love. A golden brown color with tons of gold shimmer!

Not just regular shimmer, either. It has that sorta-mini-flakie looking shimmer, too!

So pretty. ^_^ I got to this a little late in the day, so here's a close-up for the sake of the sparkles!

Would you believe I actually applied it like this? No clean-up! *pats self on the back* lol

Now, I must say auf wiedersehen so I can get started on this water marble before it gets too late! Y'all take care. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#SBBNailChallenge 45 + New Delicious Game

Just a little late getting to this. lol That's what happens when I get sucked into video games. This time... it's Skyrim again. I need a new Elder Scrolls and a new Fallout. It's been too long!

Okay, so this didn't turn out exactly the way I pictured it in my head. You know that water color technique where it looks like random brush-strokes? That's what I was going for, but after the first couple of nails didn't "brushstroke" properly I just kinda went overlappy like this:

#SBBNailChallenge prompt 45 - Texture! So I went with a texture base topped with a neon water color sort of thing going on. Yeah? Sure. Here's what I used:

China Glaze Aluminate for the textured base, LA Colors Lightning and Flicker, and Misa Pour Me Something Tall And Strong. Lovely thing about sheer primary colors is getting the secondary colors during overlap.

That's not laziness, that's technique! LOL *ahem*


So it's been a while since I've done an actual video game thing. Finally got the new Delicious game. Emily's New Beginning. Took me a bit, but I managed to beat it and get all the trophies without too much trouble.

For the most part it's like the rest of the Delicious games... with the addition of Emily's kid. Which is, frankly, a pain. About 1/3 of the potential customers don't like Paige and will lose hearts if she gets close to them. So you spend a lot of time looking in whatever corner her little blanket is in and clicking on her toy to get her to stay put. They also made it so that each food has two options and you get to build your menu to appease whoever is going to show up that day. They'll tell you, for instance, 50% regulars, 25% soccer moms and 25% hipsters so you pick options that those groups of people like with more for the regulars. That part was cool once I got used to it. Can really help increase tips. The whole kid thing? And the whole last level being Christmas themed? Not so much. Overall, though, it was pretty fun.

Amy wants to see Cookie Love so I will have that for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to catch the shimmer. It's supposed to rain the next two days. After that I'm going for #SBBNailChallenge 17 - Matte with my Satin Glam water marble. People are wanting to see that. lol I think that's it. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nails Inc: Camden Passage & Chelsea Embankment Gardens +Plus

Hello, lovelies! I feel like I'm going to have to keep referencing how to spell the names of these two polishes. lol They're not overly complicated, but just don't want to stick in my head for some reason.

Starting with two coats of Camden Passage; Latex Effect is basically matte. You do want to work fairly quickly, though. Got some pretty bad drag on my left thumb with the first coat. Made sure to load up the brush and work fast on the second and everything came out okay.

Nice neutral... taupe? Mushroom? *looks around* Color. Pic is fairly color accurate on my monitor, you can see what it is. hehehe

Chelsea Embankment Gardens is a pretty sweet glitter.

I did have to go fishing for the flowers, but it looks like there's a fair amount in the bottle. I like the mix of white and pink "background" glitters. Delicate and interesting to look at.

So last night I was playing around with some polishes. I wanted to do an ultrachrome water marble with some ILNPs, but those did not want to spread at all in the water. You know what did, though?

The Satin Glams. They do dry pretty stiff, leaving little room for error. If/when I do this I'm going to have to be sure to work quickly. Looks pretty, though!

Took my curling iron for a test run today...

The good news is that this is exactly the size curls I was wanting!! The bad news... I'm pretty lazy so these results are not consistent all over my head. lol Going to have to make sure I give myself time and work in smaller chunks.

Pulled out all of the polishes for tomorrow's textured nail art. *frets* I hope it comes out looking cool. Then Wednesday I should have a swatch of Sleepy. *fingers crossed* for no hiding shimmer! Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Take care!! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sally Hansen: Silk Onyx + Zoya: Nova + Julep: Sharna + Nail Mail

Hello, peoples! Yes, a lot to cover today since I skipped yesterday. So let's go ahead and get started, yeah?

First up, two quick-drying coats of Sally Hansen Silk Onyx. Gorgeous black matte with a bit of matte-ed (obviously?) sparkle:

Today has been all grey and overcast so to capture the sparkle I needed topcoat and flash and way up close:

That looks mostly green, but looking at the bottle there is also some pink/purple in there as well.

Since I already had a black base on I decided to go ahead and knock out some glitters! Starting with one coat of Zoya Nova:

Just a simple glitter, nothing terribly fancy, but the color is pretty and the coverage is good.

Not sure if you can tell in the bottle, but Nova has a purpley-red tinted base:

Since I do have two hands I decided to also try out Julep Sharna:

Fine bronze-gold glitter in a clear base. The coverage on this one was really good, too.

I really like Sharna (except maybe the name...) a lot more than I expected to.

More Nail Mail!!

Dopey, Sleepy and Movie Star because it was right there with the other two. lol Only two more Dwarves to track down! Haven't seen Grumpy, yet. I did find Doc on Storenvy, but he's all the way in Australia and... yeah... not gonna pay the shipping on that. *boo*

I've come up with a great idea for the #SBBNailChallenge 45 - Texture! hehehe It's going to be cool. First, though, I want to go ahead and swatch my two new Nails Inc polishes. I'm just too excited about them to put them off. lol With luck I'll have some nice structured curly hair pics tomorrow. *fingers crossed* I fully expect to burn myself at least twice. Wish me luck! Hope everyone's had a fantastic weekend. See you tomorrow with some Nails Inc! Take care and happy polishing!! (^_^)"/"

Friday, December 12, 2014

Essence: Little Miss Sunrise

Hey, everybody! Yes, I managed to swatch the real Little Miss Sunrise today. On schedule. Woohoo! Anybody remember this debacle?

Mister Rusty, Mister Rusty in a Little Miss Sunrise bottle and, finally, Little Miss Sunrise. lol Now, without any further rambling, here is Little Miss Sunrise for real:

I think I might be going a little crazy because I actually really like this. I think at least half of that is the spectacular formula! Two coats, super fast drying, no streaking or weirdness of any kind. The color is a nice dandelion yellow which isn't terribly off-putting. What can I say? Essence makes good yellows.

Even though Aaron's Christmas present hasn't arrived yet, he took me to pick out mine this morning.

Yay! I haven't had a curling iron in years. Now I don't have to decide between "massive frizz ball" and "poker straight" for my hair.

Looks like it's time to feed the cats and grab the trash can... yay. lol Hope everyone has a great weekend!! (^_^)"/"

Thursday, December 11, 2014

#SBBNailChallenge + Haul

Before I forget, Llarowe is having a huge end-of-year sale! That link will take you to the sale page. I got $4 Models Owns and $2 Color Clubs! Go check that out. ;)

Time for another #SBBNailChallenge! This time it's Number 16: Water Marble!

I did have more bubbling issues than I usually do, but it's not as noticeable in real life from a normal distance.

For this water marble I chose three of my sexy Misas: Quirky Smile, Perfect Kiss and When U Say My Name.

I did have some swirling issues again, but for the most part I managed to avoid empty sections when I dipped my fingers.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this. The colors match nicely with each other and I think with some better-swirling polishes I may be able to pull off a water marble with some more consistent designs. Always learning.

Ka-chick! Haul time! Got some nail mail yesterday:

A little order from storenvy: Cookie Love and the real Little Miss Sunrise!! I'll have that tomorrow so I can go ahead and link it properly.

Went back to Ulta with a 20% off coupon:

Sun Sheen, Teal Tulle and Taffeta. I couldn't resist.

I also needed a new pair of sneakers, so...

I'm going to order some black Shwings because the purple ones are a bit much with everything else going on with those shoes. lol They're really comfortable, though. I actually ran a bit through the parking lot because Aaron was running to catch up with me (he stopped for the bell-ringer) and I thought it would be funny. hehehehe

Back to so many untrieds I've had to reintroduce the queue. Got a nice line-up. Hopefully next time Brak is in town we'll be able to make time for IKEA, because I seriously need a Helmer... lol Hope everyone is having a great week. Take care and stay safe. It's getting crazy out there. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wet n Wild: Metallica

So. Wet n Wild makes a chrome. Not the best, shiniest, most perfect chrome ever; but a very passable budget chrome nonetheless. I'm... still kind of in shock that I've had this in my stash for two and a half years and didn't realize it.

You know what they say, "If it looks like a chrome and quacks like a chrome". lol I used Metallica in my sad ombre mani and I guess I just wasn't paying that much attention. This is two coats, dried fairly quickly. If you want a chrome, but don't want to spend more than a dollar on it... here ya go.

Metallica is a bit thicker than most chromes, but not near as thick as Aurora. Not as shiny as Aurora either, but hell... these are only 98cents normally? Really decent chrome for that price.

For those of you who are curious, here's the water marble test that prompted this full swatch (finally) of one of my dusties:

See how it's broken apart in areas? Really hoping Metallica can disguise that. Care to guess what I'll have for you tomorrow? lol Yeah, if I don't starve to death before dinner I should have a sexy Misa water marble for tomorrow. I did sleep last night, but now I'm getting hangry* so I'm going to see about waking him up. Got me wanting Asian buffet almost a week ago and now that we have money... *ugh* Y'all take care and enjoy your Wednesday!! (^_^)"/"

*hangry - irritability directly resulting from hunger

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nicole by OPI: That's What I Mint

Hello, lovelies. Hope everyone is well and staying warm. Today we're exploring another gorgeous texture polish, this one highly recommended to me by Norma! *whispers*~ She said I had to get it and I'm kind of afraid to cross her.... *ahem* Turns out she was right! I don't have any other texture polishes anywhere near this color:

This is three coats for opacity. Dried pretty quickly, though I did get some digs in my right hand from taking out the trash. Love the texture, love the sparkle! The name drives me a bit crazy. Were they trying to be ironic? Or, like, maybe someone got confused and said mint but meant this? Hence, the name? I don't know. Here's a shot in the shade:

So pretty. This is another one of those "wet"/jelly looking textures like Julie G Hot Cinnamon. Which just gave me an idea.... *ahem* Here's a close-up. It really does sparkle!

I think I would have named this something about mermaids... Something About Mermaids! Perfect. lol

So I did my water marble testing. Not great, not horrendous. To both compensate for the swirling issues (they all spread perfectly) and give it a proper swatch-link, tomorrow I'll be sporting Wet n Wild Metallica. That will be the base. All of the prospective polishes are pretty shimmery so if they do break apart here and there during the swirling phase... it shouldn't be too big a deal. Norma agrees. SCIENCE!! ....yeah, still not sleeping much. Okay, time to go rotate more laundry in-out of the washing machine. lol Hope everyone is having a great week!! (^_^)"/"

Monday, December 8, 2014

Julep: Aurora

Hey, guys. Didn't sleep much so I'm a little off my game today. Please bear with me.

Julep Aurora. Silver chrome that is more like what their previous "metallics" (namely Melanie and Piper) should have been.

Two coats... two pretty thick coats. Aurora was pretty thick which is weird because Harley was apparently not. I don't know where I'm going with this. I forgot about Harley or I would've done a comparison. Another for the list...

Aside from the extended dry time and some weirdness during cleanup, I also got this bit here thanks to the thickness:

Polish blob. Not a huge deal, just make sure you get as much excess off of the brush as possible before trying to apply it.

I haven't heard anything about rain or clouds coming up so tomorrow I'm going to take the plunge with NOPI That's What I Mint which, let's not forget, is not mint colored. lol I did remember to pick up some bottled water so I'm going to start water marble testing. *fingers crossed* Oh, has anybody else noticed Wet n Wild on clearance? HEB has the polishes on clearance (everything except the Megalast) so I'm wondering if they're finally revamping their Wild Shine and fastdry lines. Let me know if you hear anything. In the meantime y'all take care and have a great week. (^_^)"/"